How did Eggman know the emerald was fake?

Eggman said that he knew the Chaos Emerald was fake because ‘Tails told him. ‘ But earlier, he correctly said the Emerald is fake before Tails said it was. What’s up with this? His radars detected two Emeralds, so he knew that one of them had to be fake, but not which one.

How did you know the chaos emerald was fake?

“Shadow: It was a Chaos Emerald, wasn’t it? But, there’s no way you could have activated the Chaos Control using an Emerald that’s fake.” ↑ Sonic Team (3 May 2002).


Color Block Chaos Emerald Chaos Emerald (Classic)
Chaos Emerald (Extreme Gear) Crystal Emerald
Emerald Shard Forcejewel Fake Emerald

Why does Eggman need Chaos Emeralds?

Eggman planned to utilize the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds to charge a massive cannon capable of destroying the earth. … As a plot device, the Chaos Emeralds can essentially do anything the writers need them to. Technically, though, they allow the user to transform their thoughts into power.

Can Eggman use Chaos Control?

Space manipulation

The Space Colony ARK being teleported by Chaos Control. … Eggman, Chaos Control’s space-manipulating properties can also be used to reshape reality itself, which he demonstrated by splitting the earth into seven regions using Chaos Control.

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Why can sonic use the Chaos Emeralds?

They are seven ancient emeralds and mystical relics tied to the Master Emerald that possess powerful properties and abilities. Those that hold the Chaos Emeralds can use them for a variety of things, such as warping time and space, powering machines, and initiating super transformations.

How do you make a fake emerald?

Suspend a natural yellow beryl seed using a platinum wire to initiate growth. Add a solution of highly concentrated hydrochloric acid to prevent the chromophore (the part of a molecule that gives it its color) from precipitating. Wait 40 to 60 days for large crystals of synthetic emerald to form.

What is the colors of the Chaos Emeralds?

Chaos Emeralds are magical gemstones containing infinite power. Although they’ve been depicted in a variety of colors and quantities, there are typically seven distinct emeralds: peridot (green), aquamarine (cyan), sapphire (blue), ruby (red), amethyst (purple), topaz (yellow), and diamond (grey/silver).