How did Matilda react when she didn’t find the necklace on neck?

How did Mathilde feel when she lost the necklace?

Mathilde’s Lost Necklace:

She is disgusted to live a middle-class life and longs for wealth and recognition.

What was Matilda’s reaction after losing the necklace?

Answer: Matilda Loisel became very sad when they realised that the necklace had been lost. They were sure that the loss of necklace would make their life hell because Mr Loisel was only a petty clerk and it was very difficult for him to replace necklace of diamond.

Where did Matilda notice that the necklace was not around her neck?

When she returned home and was changing her dress, Matilda wanted to see her beauty in final view before the mirror. Suddenly, she noticed that the necklace was not around her neck. She was shocked to see that her necklace had got lost. She cried out and informed her husband that she had lost the necklace.

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What happened after Mathilde lost the necklace?

Describe what happened after she lost the necklace–up to when she met Madame Forestier ten years later. When Mathilde loses the necklace, she is “thunderstruck” and begins to go in panic. … Mathilde works until she makes up for the necklace. Loisel buys a new, diamond necklace and returns it to Madame Forestier.

When did Matilda lose her necklace?

Ans: Matilda fell upon hard days because she lost the diamond necklace loaned to her by Madame Forestier. Matilda and her husband purchased a new diamond necklace to be returned to Madame Forestier for which they borrowed a heavy sum of money. It took them ten long years of hardship to repay the debt.

Where did Mathilde lose her necklace?

Mathilde had asked her husband to buy her a pretty dress for the party. But even after he got it she was upset as she didn’t have any jewelry to match it with. Hence she borrowed her friend’s necklace to wear but when she got home from the event, she could not find it on her neck. She had lost it.

What was Matilda’s reaction when she received the invitation?

Matilda was not delighted at all to receive the invitation. She knew that all the aristocrats would be there displaying their riches. So, she got spiteful and irritated.

What was Loisels reaction?

Answer: He was in despair since he had saved just enough money to go hunting with his friends next summer.

What was Loisels reaction to his wife?

What was Loisel’s reaction to his wife’s desire for a new dress? Ans. The Loisels had been invited to a party at the Minister’s residence. When Matilda told her husband that she wanted a new dress to wear, first of all he asked her to wear whatever she possessed.

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What happened when the necklace was found missing?

She was shocked when she found the necklace was missing. … When the necklace was not found, they decided to replace it with a similar necklace. They bought it for forty thousand Francs, and had to take a loan for it. In order to repay the loan, they took a rented room and turned away the maid.

Why did Matilda utter a cry?

She attracted the attention of many men who wanted to be introduced to her. Returning from the party, she wanted to have a final view of herself in her glory, in the mirror. Suddenly she uttered a cry as the necklace was not around her neck. Mr Loisel went out in the night in search of the lost necklace.

What is the twist at the end of the story the necklace?

Answer: The twist at the end of the story “The Necklace” is the fact that Mathilde borrowed the necklace to appear more beautiful but ended up losing her beauty completely. She borrows Madame Forestier’s necklace made with fake diamonds to give the appearance of being rich but lost both her money and looks.

What happened to the necklace What did Loisel do to return the necklace?

Answer: Loisel decided to buy a brand-new necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier. … He borrowed the other money from moneylenders, took money from usurers and collected 36000 francs to buy a identical necklace and return it back to Madame Forestier.

Who owns the necklace in the necklace?

After three days, Monsieur Loisel purchases the necklace. When Mathilde returns the necklace, in its case, to Madame Forestier, Madame Forestier is annoyed at how long it has taken to get it back but does not open the case to inspect it. Mathilde is relieved. The Loisels began to live a life of crippling poverty.

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