How do you get gems in All Star Tower Defense?

Do you get gems from infinite mode in All Star Tower Defense?

You do NOT get gems from this, but it is easy to grind damage in Infinite Mode to complete the Damage Task and get rewarded gems.

How do you get gems fast?

You can’t get gems faster without buying them. The only way is patience. Improve your game, and then keep raiding other people’s bases to get into the Crystal League. That’s the first step in getting a good amount of gems.

How do you get gems in Tower Defense Simulator 2020?

Hardcore Gems are earned in every Hardcore match you complete in Tower Defense Simulator. However, the longer you stay alive, the more gems you will receive. If you survive to the very end of a match, you will earn a guaranteed 150 Hardcore Gems.

What does PvP mode give you in all star tower defense?

PvP is a gamemode in the game which players compete to see who can defend their base from enemies the longest. … Once found, both players will be sent to a colosseum like map that is symmetrical. The match is complete once one player’s base lowers to zero HP.

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What does extreme do in ASTD?

Extreme Mode: Players earn 3x the amount of XP and units, while the enemies’ HP are increased.

Can u trade in All Star Tower Defense?

Summary. Trading is a feature introduced in Update 21, where players that are above level 40 can trade unobtainable units. Players can send offers for the unit they desire, trading their units for another unit.

How do I get gold fast ASTD?

Gold can be obtained by completing story mode missions (can be 100+ gold, depends on mission), by waiting in the Time Chamber, and by using codes and Treasure Cart rewards. Extreme Story Mode does not give more coins. Gems are very important in All Star Tower Defense, as they are used to get primary units.

What is the max damage task?

Lists of tasks

The damage cap for this task has increased numerous amount of times. The amount of damage the player must deal in addition to their total amount increases with every time they claim the task. The current cap is 240B damage.

How does the pity system work in All Star Tower Defense?

The Pity System is a system that guarantees a player a 5-star after 59 summons. It only resets after a player spins 60 times, even if they get a 5-star before the 60th summon. This only applies to the Gem Summon as there are no 5-stars that can appear in the Gold Summon.

How do you use the time chamber in ASTD?

Get a reliable stopwatch (like a phone) and open the Time Chamber. Wait until the payout timer starts at 500. Start the stopwatch immediately, and stop after the payout timer reaches 0. Record the value on your stopwatch, and divide the value by 500.

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How do you equip troops in Tower Defense Simulator?

To select Towers for your loadout, you need to have free slots available on your Tower Loadout. You then choose Towers you want to equip and then select Equip.