How do you get the gems in Crash Bandicoot warped?

There are a total of 40 Clear Gems to obtain, both by destroying every box and completing secret paths across all levels. You can also find special Colored Gems, which are used to gain access to new areas and obtain even more Gems.

How do you get more gems in Crash Bandicoot warped?

How to Get All Colored Gems in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped

  1. Blue Gem: Tomb Wader – Access the Death Route by reaching the Skull & Crossbones lift without dying.
  2. Red Gem: Deep Trouble – Break the ! …
  3. Green Gem: Flaming Passion – Again, you’ll need to complete the Death Route.

How do you get the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot warped?

The Purple Gem is at the end of the Death Route in High Times. That means you’ll need to reach the skull platform past the Crystal without dying once. If you can make it to the Death Route, you’re set. You can die on the route itself, just don’t run out of extra lives.

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How do you get the bonus level in Crash Bandicoot warped?

The Secret Warp Room is actually super-easy to enter in Crash 3. All you have to do is unlock 5 Relics, and a new platform will appear in the hub world. Ride the platform up to enter the Secret Warp Room. Two levels have secret exit paths that lead to these bonus stages.

Where is the purple gem in Tomb time?

If you get five trophies, go to the center of the Warp Room. The shocking fact will turn round. The left door is opened with the purple diamond.

How do you get the special gem in Hang eight?

For anyone still unsure: begin level as normal, make your way to the first jetboard segment, once you begin that section a timer will appear bottom right of screen counting down… race this clock to the end to get the clear gem. 🙂 hope this helps.

How do you get the blue gem in Crash Bandicoot warped?

Collectibles: Clear Gem – Smash all 88 crates. Blue Gem – Unlock Death Route and complete it without dying. 1 secret area (Death Route).

How do you get gems in high time?

To get the purple gem you have to beat “High Time’s” death route. This means don’t die before getting there.

What does the green gem unlock in Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot

Gem Color Level Paths Unlocked
Red Slippery Climb/The Lost City (NTSC-J) Native Fortress, Road to Nowhere
Green The Lost City/Hog Wild (NTSC-J) Jungle Rollers, Castle Machinery
Yellow The Lab Lights Out, The Great Gate
Purple Lights Out Boulder Dash
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How do you get Eggipus Rex?

It can be accessed from the yellow gem path in Dino Might!, the eleventh level. The yellow gem is obtained via the alternate entrance to Hang’em High in the secret warp room, unlockable after collecting 10 relics. During the triceratops chase in the yellow gem path, let the second pterodactyl carry the player away.

How do I get to Area 51 in Crash Bandicoot?

Overview. Area 51? is unlocked after collecting 15 relics from time trials. This level sees Biker Crash back on the American highway back in the 1950s in the dead of night. It requires Crash to use his headlight to see, making visibility poor.

Where is the yellow gem in Crash Bandicoot warped?

You can find the Yellow Gem in the secret level via the entrance of Warp Room 6. To access it the level, you need to have obtained at least 10 Relics. Once you enter the level, reach the end and you’ll find the Yellow Gem.

How do you get all the boxes in Crash Bandicoot Sphynxinator?

To retrieve every crate in the level, Crash must first run backwards from the starting point where he will discover four hidden crates, not visible when the player first starts the level. One of the four boxes is a life box. After this, the player may continue forward.

How do you get the second gem in Dino Might?

Secrets: Clear Gem #1 – Destroy all 112 crates. You can do this only after exploring a secret path which can be unlocked if you have a Yellow Gem. Clear Gem #2 – You can find it at the end of the path that is unlocked by using a Yellow Gem.

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Where is the red gem in deep trouble?

To obtain the red gem as well as the clear gem available in this level, Crash must activate the ! crate at the end of the level and go back to the split path. A TNT crate that wasn’t there from the start should appear from an outline crate, allowing Crash to activate its timer, and opening a passage after it blows up.