How do you get the purple diamond in Crash Bandicoot?

How do you get the purple diamond in crash?

Clear Gem – Destroy all 85 crates. Purple Gem – You must unlock a Death Route and complete it without dying. 1 secret level (Death Route).

Where is the purple gem in Crash Bandicoot?

To get the purple gem you have to beat “High Time’s” death route. This means don’t die before getting there. Purple gem route in Tomb Time: 世界一周 攻略 – アラビアの 熱帯夜の 紫ダイヤ Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped 105% Walkthrough Playlist:…

How do I get the purple gem?

A Purple Gem is a Refined item used to craft several Magic items. It requires a Prestihatitator to prototype, and costs 1 Red Gem and 1 Blue Gem to craft. Purple Gems can be obtained by mining Ancient Statues, destroying Broken Clockworks, opening Ornate Chests, or as a drop from both variants of the Clockwork Bishop.

How do you get diamonds on Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot Gem Locations, Coloured Gems and Key Locations. Each stage has one Gem to unlock, which is done by smashing every crate on a single runthrough of a level. On White Gem stages, you can lose a life while you attempt this, but coloured Gems require you to complete it in a single attempt, with no lives lost …

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How do you get purple gem lights out?

Purple Gem – Smash all 15 crates and complete the stage without dying. Requires the yellow gem from The Lab.

What does the purple gem unlock in Crash Bandicoot 1?

In this guide, we’ll walk you through how to get every single coloured gem in the entire Crash Bandicoot N.

Crash Bandicoot Coloured Gems Walkthrough.

Coloured Gem Beat This Level Without Dying To Unlock Unlocks Gem Paths In These Levels
Purple Lights Out Boulder Dash
Yellow The Lab The Great Gate / Lights Out

Which precious stone is purple?

Perhaps the most easily recognisable purple gemstone is the amethyst. During ancient times, this stone was thought to be just as precious as rubies, emeralds and diamonds.

Is there a purple gem?

Purple gemstones are mostly variants or substitutes of Blue Sapphires which are most sought after for their astrological prowess and the jewelry made from these dazzling gems. The most popular purple gemstones are Amethyst, Purple Sapphire, and Khooni Neelam.

Which stone is purple in Colour?

Amethyst. Amethyst is the most popular purple gemstone. At one point in time, it was as precious as diamonds, sapphires, and rubies!

What gems unlock which levels Crash Bandicoot?

Crash Bandicoot

Gem Color Level Unlocks
Orange Generator Room Gem path in Upstream
Blue Toxic Waste Gem paths in Rolling Stones, Cortex Power, and Jaws of Darkness
Red Slippery Climb (The Lost City in NTSC-J) Gem paths in Native Fortress and Road to Nowhere
Purple Lights Out Gem path in Boulder Dash
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How do you get the gem in the great gate?

Once Crash has broken all boxes in the main path, secret path and alcove and reaches the alternate exit without dying, he will be rewarded with a clear gem.

What do the gems do in Crash Bandicoot?

In Crash Bandicoot, you can collect a number of Gems that count towards your completition rating. Collecting these Gems is key to getting the true ending of the game and finishing your profile with 100% completion.