How do you show maul the unusual gem?

You have to join the Thieve’s Guild, then talk to Vex once you’re a full member of the Guild. She’ll explain what the Unusual Gem is. I know a spell that’ll make you show your true form! Skeever taught it to me…

How do you appraise the unusual gem in Skyrim?

Quick Walkthrough[edit]

Find one of the 24 “Unusual Gems” scattered throughout Skyrim. Become a full member of the Thieves Guild (if not one already). Have the gem appraised by Vex at The Ragged Flagon in Riften. Collect the remaining stones of a full set and return to Vex.

What do you say to maul in Riften?

He used to live here in Riften at the Orphanage on the other side of town but I think he ran away. Can’t say I blame him.” When you exit conversation, Maul will be on his way with: “Be seein’ you around.”

What happens when you get all of the unusual gems?

After collecting all 24 Unusual Gems, which are later called Stones of Barenziah after you show one to Vex, you bring them all to Vex. Once you do that, she’ll send you on a quest to find the Crown of Barenziah in Tovald’s Cave.

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Where can I sell unusual gem in Skyrim?

If you are not a member of the Thieves Guild, you can sell any Unusual Gems you find to Ri’saad. This option is only available if the player has not joined the Thieves Guild. This option is reversible and does not break the quest.

Can you take the crown of Barenziah?

It is impossible to equip the crown. When on its bust, the Crown only offers an “Activate” option. The crown has twenty-five gems, but only twenty-four can be collected, as there is one gem that remained on the crown.

How do I talk to Aventus Aretino?

The Dragonborn simply needs to enter the Aretino Residence in Windhelm and speak to the boy.

What is sapphires real name?

LAUREL ROBINSON, Beverly Briggs and Naomi Mayers are the three original members of the Sapphires, the first popular Aboriginal all-female group. The movie, based on the band’s true story, was the most successful Australian film of 2012.

Who is maul Skyrim?

Maul is a Nord and an associate of the Thieves Guild living in Riften. He is the righthand man of Maven Black-Briar, the matriarch of the Black-Briars. He is also the brother of Thieves Guild member Dirge. Once the player first enters Riften, Maul will warn the Dragonborn not to cause trouble.

How do you become a full member of the Thieves Guild Skyrim?

When you have completed five of those jobs in a specific hold capital, you will be assigned a special quest in that location. Once you’ve done that, the Guild’s reputation in that hold is restored. Well, you need to complete the Thieves Guild quest line for one. That means you will need to return the Skeleton Key.

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Where is Kodlak’s room?

Jorrvaskr is the mead hall headquarters of the Companions. It is located up the stairs from the central plaza in Whiterun. It was founded around the Skyforge before Whiterun even existed. The city itself built up around it.

Guild Hall: Jorrvaskr (view on map)
# of Zones 2
Respawn Time 10 days
The Companions

Do the stones of Barenziah weigh anything?

Many of these stones can be found while completing small jobs for Vex and Delvin of the Thieves Guild. Since the stones are quest items, they do not take up weight in the inventory.

Is there a shout in Yngvild?

Trivia. There will almost always be a Draugr Deathlord with the full power Unrelenting Force shout in the tomb, regardless of level.

Where can I find Maul in Skyrim?

Maul is the right hand man of Maven Black-Briar and one of her connections to The Thieves’ Guild. He can usually be found near the entrance of Riften where he warns any strangers against causing trouble in Riften.

How many unusual gems are there in Skyrim?

Unusual Gems are the magenta stones inside of an opened gold box, and there are 24 of them scattered throughout the province of Skyrim. The Unusual Gems are tied to a Skyrim Thieves Guild quest that varies depending on the player’s story progression.

Are the stones of Barenziah worth it?

The reward is only really worthwhile for those who are looking to fully complete Skyrim’s Thieves Guild collection. So, the answer to “Is the Stones of Barenziah reward worth it?” would be “no.” … Overall, the Stones of Barenziah seems like a good idea in practice.

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