How do you use vendor assessment on GeM Portal?

How do I GeM a vendor assessment?

HOW IT WORKS. To be registered as an Resellers, the concerned seller needs to apply on GeM portal. Apply for vendor assessment and fill the require details in the portal. Upload the essential documents and submit the application to be verified by QCI.

What is vendor assessment in GeM portal?

What is Vendor Assessment? Vendor Assessment is one aspect of Vendor validation on the GeM portal. It is done to determine the quality of a vendor and its products & services. From 1 August 2017, all the manufacturers and resellers are required to claim their OEM to be able to offer their goods and services on GeM.

Is vendor assessment mandatory in GeM?

Vendor Validation is mandatory for all sellers in GeM. One component of Vendor validation is Vendor Assessment, which is mandatory for certain sellers. At present Vendor Assessment is done by Quality Council of India.

How is vendor assessment done?

Vendor Assessment is done on the payment of a nonrefundable government fee of INR 11,200/- + 18% GST. Besides, the manufacturer’s products have to go through with quality assessment conducted by the Quality Council of India (QCI). The manufacturer may be asked to obtain further cerfication.

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How do I register as a GeM vendor?

Primary Seller Registration Process

  1. Go to the Government Site of GeM.
  2. Click on the Signup option on the top left of the page. …
  3. New page on Create your organization seller account open. …
  4. Fill in all the Details asked in the next form. …
  5. After filling in all the details, the Activation mail is sent to the email.

What is the meaning of OEM in GeM portal?

After concerns on the authenticity of products being sold via the Government e-Marketplace (GeM) rose, the new Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) will ensure vendor verification.

What do you mean by vendor?

A vendor is a general term used to describe any supplier of goods or services. A vendor sells products or services to another company or individual. … Some vendors, like food trucks, sell directly to customers.

How do you get an OEM GeM portal?

Process of registering the entity on GeM is as follows Creation of Primary User

  1. Enter the website
  2. Select Sign up option on the screen and select Seller.
  3. System will open the terms and conditions option on a new screen. …
  4. Select the type of Organisation and enter the name of the Organisation.

How do I rate a seller on GeM?

The Five Parameters are:

  1. Reliability of the Seller/Service Provider.
  2. Quality of the Delivery.
  3. Coverage of the Products in GeM Marketplace.
  4. Timely Delivery of Products/Services.
  5. Incident History.

What is Qci verified in GeM?

New Delhi: The Quality Council of India (QCI) and public procurement portal GeM should join hands to ensure that all high-value products on the platform are quality-certified, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal on Friday said.

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How do I login to gems?

First of all, you are required to visit the official website of

GeM Login – ARXSSO Login

  1. Go to SSO GeM portal.
  2. Enter your GeM user ID.
  3. Enter captcha code.
  4. Verify by clicking on Submit.
  5. Post verification, enter your GeM password.
  6. Login into GeM portal.