How far is natural bridge from Emerald Lake?

Is Emerald Lake Worth it?

If you already have plans to travel around Banff and the Canadian Rockies, this is a stop well worth the visit and only twenty minutes away from the more famous Lake Louise. An easy walking trail that is 5.2 km (3.2 mi) around the lake is a gentle grade-appropriate for families and those looking for an easy hike.

Can you see Emerald Lake without hiking?

Even if you don’t do the hike, you can still find beautiful views of the lake from the road that crosses over to the lodge and restaurant. There are so many wonderful photo opportunities at Emerald Lake and it’s a gorgeous place to relax and explore for a half-day.

What is Natural Bridge in BC?

The Natural Bridge is a unique rock which has been gradually carved out over time by the powerful Kicking Horse River to resemble a bridge, with a variety of waterfalls flowing around it. It is a magnificent work of nature and an impressive natural wonder.

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Does Emerald Lake have a beach?

The waterpark, located right by the lake includes amenities such as snack bar, boat rentals, and souvenir shop. The 5 acre quarry is spring fed, and equipped with waterslide, trampoline, moon walk, and catapult. The sandy beach area has lots of picnic space and a pavilion popular for weddings and special occassions.

Can you see the northern lights at Emerald Lake?


Maybe it’s unfair to make you believe that seeing Northern Lights in Emerald Lake is easy. The chances to enjoy a huge solar storm (starting from KP5) to make them visible here are quite low.

Can you swim in Emerald Lake?

An Outing at Emerald Lake

The hike around the lake, clocking in at about an hour, is one of the least strenuous but most rewarding in the park. … Fishing at Emerald Lake is also quite popular during the summer months. Swimming comes highly recommended for the experience, but is not for the faint of heart.

How long is the walk around Emerald Lake?

Your 5.2 km loop hike around Emerald Lake will likely take an hour or two tops. This is a popular trail and you won’t be alone.

How long is the trail around Emerald Lake?

Trail Snapshot:Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hike Distance 3.6 Miles Round Trip
Difficulty Easy to Moderate
Duration Approx 2-3hr Round Trip
Trail Type Out and Back
Elevation Gain Approx. +605′

What river is the natural bridge on?

Natural Bridge is an impressive natural rock formation that spans the flow of the Kicking Horse River west of Field, where the slower-moving waters from the Field valley flats begin their descent through a canyon to be joined by the Amiskwi River.

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How long is the hike to Takakkaw Falls?

To get to Takakkaw Falls is just a 1.4 km round trip hike and only 36 meters of elevation gain on a well-maintained path. As you cross over the bridge you’ll really start to feel the power of the falls, and depending on the time of year you visit you may start to get wet.

Where does the Kicking Horse River start?

Wapta Lake is the starting point from which the Kicking Horse River begins flowing. Flowing southwest it receives the Yoho River. After reaching Wapta Falls, it makes a turn. It then begins to flow northwest until joining the Columbia River in Golden, BC, which then goes all the way to the Pacific Ocean.

Is Emerald Lake Open 2021?

Emerald Lake Road and Emerald Lake are open. The Trans-Canada Highway is open through Yoho National Park. In April, May and June 2021, the Trans-Canada Highway will be closed west of Yoho National Park.

Is Emerald Lake busy?

Although Emerald Lake only gets a fraction of the visitors that the nearby Lake Louise receives, it can be overwhelmingly busy if a group of tour buses have arrived. During the summer the parking area can become full, at this point people have to park along the road leading to the lot.

How high is the cliff at Emerald Lake?

Geography. With a length of 2.1 kilometres (1.3 mi) and a maximum width of 1.3 kilometres (0.81 mi), Emerald Lake looks like a triangle with its eastern side backed by a cliff of height of 64 metres (210 ft) of the Emerald Lake Mountain whose summit reaches 240 metres (790 ft).

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