How many gems can you gift Dragonvale?

By default, players can give 3 gems from each park per day. The maximum number of gems that can be gifted is now 9 gems per device, per day. So if you had 3 different parks on the same device, you could give 3 gems to your friends from each of those parks each day.

Can you gift people gems?

I’m sorry, but gems cannot be gifted to another player. However, if your friend lives in the USA you can gift them a $20 EA game card that is good for 275 gems. … Note, EA game cards can only be used by residents of the USA.

How do I give myself gems in DragonVale?

By going to the switch accounts tab under settings, you are able to make a new account. Once you do the tutorial on the new account, you can friend the new account and your main account together. This allows you to give your main account one gem a day. However, you can make 21 accounts that each give one gem per day.

Can you gift coins in DragonVale?

Yes it is, but to a extent. He woudl go into your park and press on some of the habbitiats, and then he gets some dc in his own game. This would be a nice new feature.

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Can you trade gems in Owo?

It is not possible to combine or sell gems.

How do I send gems to friends?

Press the gifting button next to the item you would like to send. The Gem Store will automatically provide a list of all your in game friends and guildmates. Select which friends you’d like to send the gift to. You may send to up to 20 friends at once.

Can you have multiple parks in DragonVale?

DragonVale allows you to easily create multiple parks and play them all on the same device. This is great news for families that share a device, or for those who just can’t get enough DragonVale and would like to have more than one park.

How many parks can you have in DragonVale?

I understand there is now somehow a limit of 3 parks pr …

How do you get the Opal Dragon in Dragonvale?

The Opal Dragon can be bred using a Lava Dragon and a Mud Dragon, in either order, at any Breeding Cave.

Can crystalline dragons breed?

Crystalline dragons cannot breed with any dragon.

Can you gift your friends eggs in Dragonvale?

Display. Give to friend. Sell. Then if you choose give to friend you can only give one egg to a friend each day.

How do you trade Dragons in Dragonvale?

You can offer a maximum of 3 dragons, 2,000 gems, and 10,000,000 coins! Then once you two offer something, there will be a button on bottom of the screen saying “Trade?”. Once both of you click the button you will get their offer.

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