How many ways can 10 similar beads be arranged to form a necklace?

Answer: This is called a cyclic permutation. The formula for this is simply (n-1)!/2, since all the beads are identical. Hence, the answer is 9!/2 = 362880/2 = 181440.

How many necklaces can be made by using 10 round beads all of a different colors?

There are 10 beads of distinct colours; say, A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I and J. If no restriction is imposed then, there are (10!) = 3628800 ways to put these ten distinctly coloured beads into a necklace.

How many ways can 5 different beads be arranged to form a necklace?

So, we have to divide 24 by 2. Therefore the total number of different ways of arranging 5 beads is 242=12 .

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How many ways can 7 beads can be arranged to form a necklace?

2520. 5040.

How many necklaces can be made using 7 beads of which 5 are identical red beads and 2 are identical blue beads?

= 720/(120*2) = 3. So we can have 3 different necklaces.

How many necklaces can be formed with 6 white and 5 red beads if each necklace is unique how many can be formed?

5! but correct answer is 21.

How many ways can you make a bracelet with 5 different beads?

Thus for n=5, there are possible 4!/2=12 different bracelets.

How many different change can be made using 5 different Coloured beads?

So there can be 12 different arrangements.

How many ways can we arrange 5 different colors in a circular arrangement?

Example 7.4.

We are looking for permutations for the letters HHHHTT. The answer is 6! 4! 2!

How many necklaces of 12 beads each can be made from 18 beads of various Colours?

Correct Option: C

First, we can select 12 beads out of 18 beads in 18C12 ways. Now, these 12 beads can make a necklace in 11! / 2 ways as clockwise and anti-clockwise arrangements are same. So, required number of ways = [ 18C12 . 11! ] / 2!

How many ways can 8 beads of different Colour be strung on a ring?

2520 Ways 8 beads of different colours be strung as a necklace if can be wear from both side.

How many ways can a necklace be formed from 2 red and 2 blue beads?

= 1,680. Total of permutations = 2,520+3*1,680 = 7,560.