How much damage does a sharpness V diamond sword do?

The most amount of damage that a sword enchanted with Sharpness V can do is 11 in Java Edition and 15.25 in Bedrock Edition, without critical hits.

How much damage does sharpness 5 diamond sword do?

Sharpness V can now be applied to a sword without the use of an anvil. × 0.625 damage per level; see Armor/Bedrock Edition § Enchantments for the effect of pre-1.9 Protection. Sharpness can now be applied to axes.

How much damage does a diamond sword do with sharpness 1?

Iron sword does 3 hearts of damage. Diamond sword does 3.5 hearts of damage. Sharpness 1 effect adds anywhere between 0.5 and 1.5 of additional damage.

How much attack damage does a sharpness 5 Netherite sword do?

Hence we find a sharpness 5 netherite axe does +13 damage. Given this is measured in half hearts and adding the half heart done by the player’s fist (which is added to weapon damage to determine the total damage dealt per swing), a sharpness 5 netherite axe does 6.5 hearts of damage per swing.

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How much better is sharpness 5 than 4?

Currently, sharpness V increases your damage by 4.

How much damage does a sharpness 5 Netherite sword do with strength 2?

A netherite sword with Sharpness V and Fire Aspect II will produce a total of 18 points on a regular hit or 22 points of damage on critical hit.

How much damage does a diamond sword do with sharpness 3?

Sharpness III adds 2 damage (one heart), meaning your diamond sword deals 9 damage. Zombies and creepers have 20 health, so it takes 3 hits to kill them.

What is better sharpness 1 iron sword or diamond sword?

TIL Sharpness 1 iron swords are better than diamond swords.

What is sweeping edge3?

The Sweeping Edge enchantment increases the damage of a sweep attack. You can add the Sweeping Edge enchantment to any sword using an enchanting table, anvil, or game command. … This means that you can enchant a sword with up to Sweeping Edge III. The higher the level, the more powerful the enchantment.

How much damage does a maxed out Netherite axe do?

Attack Damage and Durability

Name Attack Damage Durability
Netherite Axe 10 2031
Diamond Axe 6 1561
Iron Axe 5 250
Stone Axe 4 131

How many hearts does a Netherite axe do?

The Netherite Axe is the only golden tool that does more than 5 hearts of damage.

Is Sweeping edge good?

Sweeping Edge III is a great Minecraft enchantment for players who frequently find themselves swarmed by hostile mobs. This is a must-have enchantment on unlucky or clumsy players’ swords, as it gives any sword a much broader reach. … It maximizes damage and hurts the most amount of mobs.

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Is axe better than sword in Minecraft?

They deal more damage than swords, and a wooden axe has the same damage as a diamond sword. … Attacking with an axe will cause it to take double durability damage. Like swords, they require an anvil to enchant with weapon-based enchantments. The cooldown for an axe is longer than that of a sword.

Does sharpness increase damage on armor?

In addition to reducing chance of deflection, Sharpness will also increase Raw (Physical) Damage and Elemental Damage. See Attack Power for more information.

Is IV stronger than V?

The car physics and crash effects in Grand Theft Auto IV are also far superior, truly putting the ‘Auto’ in Grand Theft Auto. Grand Theft Auto V does however win on the aircraft side of things, with its predecessor restricting the player to a few helicopters, despite the luxury of two full runways.