How often do Hilton Diamond members get upgraded?

How do you get Hilton Diamond upgrades?

Gold, Diamond and Lifetime Diamond members are eligible to receive a guaranteed room upgrade 72 hours prior to their arrival based on hotel availability, and member status/tier is the first criteria considered.

How does Hilton Diamond upgrade work?

How it Works: Eligible members will receive an email and a Hilton Honors app push notification alerting them of their complimentary upgraded room. Once received, if the hotel offers Digital Check-In, the member can easily choose the location of their upgraded room through the app 36 hours prior to arrival.

Do Diamond members get free upgrades?

Diamond is Hilton Honors’ top tier status, and comes with perks like free breakfast (or a food & beverage credit in the United States), lounge access, bonus points, and room upgrades.

Does Hilton do free upgrades?

How to get an upgrade – Hilton. The Hilton Honors program is a rewards program offered by Hilton hotels that includes 18 brands and over 6,500 properties around the world. The Hilton Honors program offers three elite tiers. You need to reach Gold elite status — the mid-level tier — to begin getting free upgrades.

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Does Hilton have lifetime status?

To be a Lifetime Diamond Member, you must earn Hilton Diamond status for 10 (non-consecutive) years and complete 1 additional milestone: Complete stays totaling 1,000 paid and reward nights.

Do Hilton Diamond members get late check out?

“All Hilton Honors Members regardless of tier may receive complimentary late check-out, if available. However, this is at the hotel’s discretion and cannot be guaranteed that even if late check-out is an option, it won’t be free. I’m sorry this was the case for your recent stay.”

How long does Diamond status last?

Diamond status upgrade: Stay 18 nights in 90 days to get your status upgraded to Diamond through March 31, 2022.

What is the highest Hilton Honors level?

Diamond: The highest elite tier in Hilton Honors is Diamond status, which is earned after 30 stays, 60 nights, earning 120,000 Honors base points, or holding the Hilton Honors Aspire Card from American Express.

How many nights do you need for Hilton Diamond?

Silver status at seven nights, three stays or 17,500 Base Points. Gold status at 28 nights, 14 stays or 52,500 Base Points. Diamond status at 42 nights, 21 stays or 84,000 Base Points.

How many nights do you need for Hilton gold?

To achieve the gifting status benefit the member will need to have stayed at least 30 nights (for gifting Gold) or at least 60 nights (for gifting Diamond) within the calendar year and elite rollover nights will not count toward that total.

How many points is a Hilton Diamond?

Hilton Diamond Status is possibly the easiest top-tier hotel elite status to earn, and it can be obtained in several different ways. Frequent travelers earn Diamond status after 30 stays or 60 nights in a calendar year or after earning 120,000 base points in a year.

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How do you get Hilton Gold status?

How to Qualify for Elite Status — The Traditional Way

  1. Member (non-elite) — no annual stay or earning requirement.
  2. Silver — 4 stays, 10 nights, or 10,000 Hilton Honors base points.
  3. Gold — 20 stays, 40 nights, or 75,000 Hilton Honors base points.
  4. Diamond — 30 stays, 60 nights, or 120,000 Hilton Honors base points.