Is the necklace in how do you lose a guy in 10 days real?

The diamond jewelry used at the gala was real — and Andie’s necklace is worth millions. … Harry Winston created “Isadora,” the 80-carat diamond pendant necklace Andie dons in the scene. The necklace was named after dancer Isadora Duncan, and it sold for $5 million after Hudson wore it in the film.

How much would an 84 carat necklace cost?

The largest, purest white flawless brilliant-cut diamond ever to be offered at auction was acquired by Georges Marciano, founder of Guess? Jeans, for nearly $16.2 million at Sotheby’s “Magnificent Jewels” auction in Geneva Wednesday. The 84-ct.

What is the trick in how do you lose a guy in 10 days?

10 Ways To Actually Lose A Guy In 10 Days

  1. Upload regular Instagram photos of the two of you. …
  2. Change your Facebook status too quickly. …
  3. Ask him what he’d like for his birthday. …
  4. Suggest a Labor Day trip. …
  5. Stalk him (literally) …
  6. Stalk him (electronically) …
  7. Talk about other men. …
  8. Hate on his friends.
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How did Michelle Alexander Lose a Guy in 10 Days?

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days is a 2003 romantic comedy film directed by Donald Petrie, starring Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey. It is based on a short comic book of the same name by Michele Alexander and Jeannie Long.

Is the Isadora necklace real?

Despite the similarities between the two gems, though, it’s not the same stone – though the Isadora Diamond is real.

How RO lose a girl in 10 days cast?

Cast & Crew

  1. Kate Hudson. Andie Anderson.
  2. Matthew McConaughey. Benjamin Barry.
  3. Adam Goldberg. Tony.
  4. Michael Michele. Judy Spears.
  5. Shalom Harlow. Green.
  6. Bebe Neuwirth. Lana.
  7. Robert Klein. Phillip Warren.
  8. Kathryn Hahn. Michelle.

Who made the yellow dress in How do you lose a guy in 10 days?

Kate Hudson doesn’t know where her iconic ‘How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days’ dress is. Hudson said the yellow silk dress was made by famed designer Carolina Herrera.

What is the dog name in How do you lose a guy in 10 days?

It’s Krull, Matthew… the dog’s name is Krull. Anyway, on his Twitter account, the now 50-year-old actor gushed about the How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days script, which was both fun and particularly engaging for the audience to attach to.

How do you make a guy hate you?

Silly Things That Could Make Him Dislike You

  1. 1.1 1. Competitive.
  2. 1.2 2. Boring Sense Of Style.
  3. 1.3 3. Easily Jealous.
  4. 1.4 4. Acting Too Cutesy.
  5. 1.5 5. Too Much Makeup.
  6. 1.6 6. Being Cranky.
  7. 1.7 7. Nosy.
  8. 1.8 8. Vulgar.
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Will there be a sequel to How do you lose a guy in 10 days?

In the same interview with Entertainment Weekly, Obst said she worried that McConaughey was too old to star opposite Hudson. At the time, Hudson was 23 and McConaughey was 33.