Quick Answer: Can I transfer my Clash of Clans gems to brawl stars?

Is there any way to transfer gems from one Brawl Stars account to another? – Quora. No, it is impossible to transfer via another account towards another.

Can I transfer gems from one supercell game to another?

There’s an automated prompt that allows you to transfer your purchased gems to other Supercell games!

Can you transfer gems in clash of clans?

No, gems can’t be transferred. You can buy gifts for your clan on some special occasions.

Which is better clash of clans or brawl stars?

In Brawl Stars, every game is different and there are a variety of gamemodes that are all very fun. Also, Brawl Stars is so much more active, what I mean by this is that the player is constantly making decisions and playing whilst in Clash Royale, there is overall less action and in Clash of Clans. Also, it’s less P2W.

Can we transfer gems from one account to another in Brawl Stars?

Is there any way to transfer gems from one Brawl Stars account to another? – Quora. No, it is impossible to transfer via another account towards another.

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How do you send gems in Brawl Stars?

I had a idea off bring out Gifting Gems as a feature in brawl stars so pretty much how it would work is if someone is buying gems before buying them theres 2 features a buy now button and a gift button aswell if you click the gift button it brings you to your friends list and you can pick a name there to gift gems so …

What is the longest upgrade in COC?

Originally Answered: What is the longest upgrade in Clash of Clans? The longest upgrade so far is 18 days, which is the eagle artillery and the clan castles. you still have 16 days upgrades but the longest one is 18 days. 14 days is the longest upgrade time.

How do u get unlimited gems on Clash of Clans?

However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game:

  1. Earn Gems by completing achievements.
  2. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village. …
  3. Open the gem box that appears in your village now and then.
  4. Keep an eye out for any ongoing events that reward gems.
  5. Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base.

Is Brawl Stars bigger than Clash Royale?

Brawl Stars vs Other Battle Royale Games

Our findings suggest, despite being big on mobile, Brawl Stars only comes in third when compared to other battle royale games. In the graphs above, PUBG is the leading battle royale game with 689 million views and 9500 videos. … Rules of Survival: 41.4 million views and 542 videos.

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Is Brawl Stars still popular?

Brawl Stars has been downloaded over 200 million times. In 2020, Brawl Stars had the second highest gross of any mobile game in Europe. It grossed US$526 million in total in 2020, which accounted for more than half its life time revenue.

Is Brawl Stars more popular than clash of clans?

According to reports, Brawl Stars, the latest game launched by Supercell, has surpassed Clash of Clans to become the highest-grossing game in 2019 Q1 under the game developer label. … According to MAI, among all paying users of Brawl Stars, 4.92% and 6.56% also play enthusiastically in Clash of Clans and Clash Royale.

Can you merge two brawl Stars accounts?

For two years now, Supercell offers the ability to transfer or sync your Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Brawl Stars account from your old device to another, regardless of the operating system used.