Quick Answer: What is bijouterie in English?

: a collection of trinkets or ornaments : jewels also : decoration.

What language is bijouterie?

English Translation of “bijouterie” | Collins French-English Dictionary.

What is the meaning of Sevan in English?

सेवन ( sevan ) meaning in English (इंग्लिश मे मीनिंग) is Consumption ( सेवन ka matlab english me Consumption hai).

What is the meaning of Paala in English?

/pālā/ mn. frost variable noun. When there is a frost, the outside temperature drops below freezing and the ground is covered with ice crystals. /pala, pAlA, paalaa, pālā/

What kind of name is Sevan?

The name Sevan is primarily a female name of Armenian origin that means Life Giving Sweet Water.

What is the spelling of 7?

List of Number Names from 1 to 20

1 = One 2 = Two
5 = Five 6 = Six
7 = Seven 8 = Eight
9 = Nine 10 = Ten
11 = Eleven 12 = Twelve

What country name is Sevan?

Sevan, Armenia

Sevan Սեւան
Coordinates: 40°33′18″N 44°57′13″E
Country Armenia
Province Gegharkunik
Founded 1842

What does seven mean as a name?

Seven means “loving one” (from Turkish “sevmek” = to love).

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