Quick Answer: What is the purpose of a diamond shaped traffic sign quizlet?

warn drivers of upcoming road conditions and hazards. A “Divided Highway Ends” sign is an example of a diamond-shaped traffic sign. warn drivers that they are entering an area near a school in which children may be crossing the road.

What is the purpose of a diamond shaped traffic sign?

Warning Signs

These signs are yellow with black lettering or symbols and most are diamond-shaped. These signs warn you to slow down and be prepared to stop if necessary; a special situation or hazard is ahead.

What is the purpose of a diamond shaped yellow sign with black markings quizlet?

The purpose of a diamond-shaped yellow sign with black markings is to: Warn of hazards ahead.

What is the purpose of traffic signs?

What is the purpose of a traffic signal? Traffic signals are designed to ensure an orderly flow of traffic, provide an opportunity for pedestrians or vehicles to cross an intersection and help reduce the number of conflicts between vehicles entering intersections from different directions.

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What does a sign with an orange background in a diamond or rectangular shape indicate?

A sign with an orange background in a diamond or rectangular shape indicates a construction zone.

What is the purpose of diamond-shaped traffic signs Weegy?

This diamond-shaped sign means WARNING. It may be yellow, yellow-green or orange with black wording or symbols. This sign warns you about hazards or possible hazards on or near the roadway. Slow down and use caution when you see these signs.

What does red diamond road sign mean?

Red usually means stop or danger. … Seeing a triangular or diamond-shaped sign is an alert to potential hazards, for instance, and even if you aren’t sure what the marking means, you should slow down and be alert.

What meaning is conveyed by the pennant shaped sign?

The pennant shape is used to indicate the beginning of a no passing zone. A circle is used to warn of an approaching railroad crossing. There are also some cases when special colors are used. All pedestrian- related signing may use the fluorescent yellow- green color to draw more attention.

What should a driver do when approaching a speed bump *?

The best and most comfortable way to go over a speed bump is to accelerate moderately or avoid braking when going over the bump. When you brake, the front end of your vehicle is lowered while accelerating lifts it. Slow down, release the brake before the bump, once you reach the top of the bump, accelerate.

What all traffic lights mean?

In most English-speaking countries, traffic lights usually change in this order: Red light on: This tells drivers to stop. Green light on: This means the driver can start driving or keep driving. Yellow light on: This tells drivers to stop when it is safe to, because the light is about to turn red.

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What are 3 purposes of traffic signs?

What are the purposes of traffic signs? Regulate, warn people, and guide you. You are approaching an intersection.

What three purposes do traffic signs have?

What do traffic signals do?

  • WARN you of hazards ahead that might otherwise be difficult to see.
  • GUIDE you to your destination by identifying the route.
  • INFORM you of local regulations and practices.
  • REGULATE the speed and movement of traffic.

What signs are diamond shaped and have an orange background?

Warning. Warning signs are diamond shaped and are yellow or orange with black letters or symbols. They warn of dangerous or unusual conditions ahead, such as a curve, turn, dip or side road.

What does a green sign indicate?

Green: This color is used for guide signs. These signs tell you where you are, which way to go and the distance. … This color is used to alert you to possible dangers ahead due to construction and maintenance projects. Reduce your speed and scan for workers who may be directing traffic.