Should you install Ruby first before installing puppet agent in machines?

You can install puppet-agent alongside any version of Ruby or on systems without Ruby installed. Puppet Enterprise (PE) also does not rely on the OS’s Ruby version, as it bundles its own Ruby environment. You can install PE alongside any version of Ruby or on systems without Ruby installed.

How do I set up a puppet agent?

Install the puppet-agent package on your Puppet agent nodes using the command appropriate to your system:

  1. Yum – sudo yum install puppet-agent.
  2. Apt – sudo apt-get install puppet-agent.
  3. Zypper – sudo zypper install puppet-agent.

Does puppet require an agent?

On enterprise-class operating systems, we support Puppet agent for at least the operating system’s life cycle. In Puppet Enterprise, Puppet continues to support certain enterprise-class agent platforms after their EOL, though we do so solely at our own discretion.

Which file does puppet agent download from Puppet Master?

When using the architecture-appropriate installer, Puppet installs into C:Program FilesPuppet LabsPuppet .

How do I set up puppet master?


  1. Before You Begin. Create your Linodes.
  2. Puppet Master. Install the Puppet Server Software. Configure the Server Software.
  3. Puppet Agents. Install Puppet Agent. Configure Puppet Agent. Generate and Sign Certificates.
  4. Add Modules to Configure Agent Nodes. Add a Limited User. Edit SSH Settings. Add and Configure IPtables.
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What does puppet Agent T do?

1 Answer. These are: puppet apply – applies or “executes” Puppet code on the local machine. puppet agent -t also sometimes written puppet agent –test – calls the Puppet Agent to retrieve a catalog (compiled Puppet code) from a Puppet Master, and then applies it locally and immediately.

What is Puppet installation?

Installing Puppet

  • Enable the Puppet platform repository. Enable the Puppet platform on Yum. Enable the Puppet platform on Apt.
  • Install Puppet Server.
  • Install Puppet agent.
  • Install PuppetDB (optional)

What user does puppet agent run?

User. Puppet agent runs as root , which lets it manage the configuration of the entire system. Puppet agent can also run as a non-root user, as long as it is started by that user.

Does puppet need to run as root?

With the release Puppet Enterprise 3.2, PE customers can run the puppet agent as a non-root user. The only requirement is that the administrator must install the software, which installs to /opt. This makes it much easier to get started with using Puppet without root.

How do you stop the puppet agent?

To stop the daemon, use the process ID from the agent’s pidfile : sudo kill $(puppet config print pidfile –section agent) (Optional) Configure the run interval. The Puppet agent service defaults to doing a configuration run every 30 minutes.

How can I check my puppet certificate?

To view all certificate requests, signed and unsigned, use the –all flag as follows: sudo puppet cert list –all.

How do I know if puppet is installed?

To check the installed puppet version use puppet -V command and then create a new file called in the apt preferences directory with following configurations changes.

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How do I connect puppet master to agent?

Setup Puppet Master and Agent

  1. Prerequisites.
  2. Step 1: Install NTP.
  3. Step 2: Update NTP Configuration.
  4. Step 3: Add Puppet Server Repository.
  5. Step 4: Install Puppet Server.
  6. Step 5: Start Puppet Server.
  7. Step 6: Install Puppet Agent.
  8. Step 7: Start Puppet Agent.

How do I know if puppet is installed Ubuntu?

5 Answers. For versions before 4.0, if puppet was installed as an RPM package you can query the RPM database like rpm -qa | grep puppet . For Debian/Ubuntu/Mint fans, the package query is dpkg -l | grep puppet .

What is the command to install puppet server?

Install Puppet Server

Enable the official Puppet Labs collection repository with this command: sudo rpm -ivh Install the puppetserver package: sudo yum -y install puppetserver.