What does a feather mean in a diamond?

A feather is basically a soft word for a crack or break in the diamond. Usually, feathers in diamonds will take on a whitish or translucent appearance (imagine a hairline crack within the crystalline structure of the stone). However, they can also exist in other forms of coloration like black or brown.

What are the best inclusions to have in a diamond?

3 Ways Inclusions Can Be a Good Thing in a Diamond

  • Pinpoints and Clouds. …
  • Crystal, Needle, Knot, or Dark Crystal. …
  • Feather or Cleavage. …
  • Internal Grain Lines or Twinning Wisps. …
  • Indented Natural. …
  • Cavity. …
  • Chip.

Are needles bad in diamonds?

Needles, pinpoints, clouds, and crystals:

Diamond crystals, in whatever form, pose no durability issue whatsoever. They are simply diamond trapped within the diamond.

Is a crystal bad in a diamond?

A crystal is a diamond or other material in its natural raw form that is embedded within the stone. … In general, you should avoid such stones as dark crystals can block the light entering the stone, resulting in less fire brilliance and scintillation.

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What are needles in a diamond?

Needle. A long thin needle-shaped inclusion that is usually white or transparent in color and visible at 10x magnification. If they appear in clusters, it might have a detrimental effect on the diamond’s clarity.

Is a feather bad in a diamond?

Large feathers

Huge feathers can have a negative effect on the appearance and durability of a diamond. A large feather can impede the path of white and colored light—impacting the diamond’s brilliance and fire.

What are the worst diamond inclusions?


  • The 4 Worst Inclusions. …
  • 1) Black Carbon Spots. …
  • Not all Carbon is Bad… …
  • Point is, stay away from Black Spots! …
  • 2) Inclusions Top, Center of your Diamond. …
  • 3) Long Cracks or Fractures. …
  • 4) Chips on the Side of the Diamond. …
  • Girdle Chips.

Can a feather in a diamond get bigger?

Can a Diamond Feather Become Bigger? Feathers are unlikely to grow bigger as a result of normal wear and tear or even if you bump your diamond accidentally. These flaws can extend in the process of cutting the diamond into a certain shape, but this happens before the stone even reaches the store.

Why is there a black line in my diamond?

If you notice that there is a black dot or a line within your diamond, and you are convinced that you never saw it before, you are probably wrong. When dirt particles accumulate on a diamond’s surface over time, they block light and reduce the stone’s sparkle, making internal flaws more visible.

What is a natural on a diamond?

Seeing a natural is not to worry about. It’s simply a part of the original skin of the diamond that was left on when it was cut. They’re usually found along the girdle edge of a diamond.

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What are bad diamonds called?

Diamonds that fuel civil wars are often called “blood” or “conflict” diamonds. Although many diamond-fueled wars have now ended, conflict diamonds remain a serious problem. In 2013, a civil war erupted in the Central African Republic, with both sides fighting over the country’s diamond resources.

What are flawless diamonds?

A flawless (FL) diamond shows no inclusions at 10x, and they’re very rare—fewer than 1% of all diamonds receive an FL clarity rating. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare, because most diamonds feature naturally occurring inclusions.

What do imperfections in diamonds look like?

They are essentially tiny black spots, like blackheads on skin, which are noticeable on the table of a diamond. Feather inclusions are the second most common, and possibly one for concern. They are small internal cracks, and if they are present from top to bottom, the diamond’s durability could be compromised.

Why are red diamonds worth so much money?

When it comes to colored diamonds, the biggest determining factor of their value is their rarity. Red is the rarest diamond color in the world. It’s so rare in fact, that it is thought that only 30 true gem quality red diamonds are known to exist.

Are indented naturals bad?

While indented natural diamonds are harmless dips found inside the diamond surface, other imperfections can affect radiance, durability and brilliance of the diamond. … Once you become familiar with your diamond’s inclusions, you know exactly how to polish and cut the stone.