What does the diamond on the road mean NZ?

NZ Herald. The diamond shape before a pedestrian crossing is there to warn motorists that they are approaching a crossing and also for pedestrians who must not step off the kerb on to the crossing if a vehicle has passed over the diamond.

What does Diamond on road mean?

In the United States and Canada, a diamond lane is a special lane on a street or highway that is reserved for specific types of traffic. These lanes are usually marked with white diamonds or lozenge, hence their name. … High-occupancy vehicle lane (HOV), also known as a carpool lane.

What does a white diamond painted on the road mean in NZ?

White diamonds are generally painted on the road before the crossing and a white limit line shows you where to stop. When coming up to pedestrian crossings: slow down and be ready to stop for any pedestrians stepping onto, or on, the crossing – this also includes people obviously waiting to use the crossing.

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What is the diamond-shaped road sign?

Diamond-shaped signs signify warnings. Rectangular signs with the longer direction horizontal provide guidance information. Pentagons indicate school zones. A circular sign warns of a railroad crossing.

Do pedestrians have the right of way in New Zealand?

Pedestrians have the right of way over vehicles entering or exiting a driveway across a footpath, but you should stop and check hidden driveways, where drivers backing out may not be able to see you. When walking along a footpath, hold hands with children and keep them on the house side of footpath.

What does the symbol of a diamond mean?

Diamonds are associated with strength, love and health. As we have uncovered, throughout history, diamonds have been worn by leaders or power figures to symbolise strength and invincibility. Diamonds have also been associated with good health and represent long life and good heart health.

What does a diamond mean in a lane?

High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes, also known as carpool or diamond lanes, is a traffic management strategy to promote and encourage ridesharing; thereby alleviating congestion and maximizing the people-carrying capacity of California highways.

What does it mean when you see a white diamond painted on the road?

A white diamond painted on the road means you are approaching a pedestrian crossing. … However, some crossings can be difficult to see, for example: The crossing is around a corner.

What do white diamond pavement markings indicate?

A single white line indicates that lane changes are discouraged. A dashed white line indicates that lane changes are allowed. Symbols are used to indicate permitted lane usages. A diamond indicates a lane reserved for use by high-occupancy vehicles.

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What does a white dotted line indicate?

Solid white lines define lanes of traffic going in the same direction, or they show you the location of the shoulder of the road. Broken or “dotted” white lines are used to show the center line between lanes. Yellow lines show you where traffic is going in different directions.

What does red diamond road sign mean?

Red usually means stop or danger. … Seeing a triangular or diamond-shaped sign is an alert to potential hazards, for instance, and even if you aren’t sure what the marking means, you should slow down and be alert.

What does a diamond shape look like?

A diamond is a quadrilateral, a 2-dimensional flat figure that has four closed, straight sides. But a diamond is also categorized as rhombus, because it has four equal sides and its opposite angles are equal. And, because its opposite sides are parallel, it’s also considered to be a parallelogram.

Do you legally have to stop at a crossing?

Observing the Highway Code’s rule that states that you are only legally required to stop once a pedestrian has moved on to a crossing is potentially dangerous. … When you see a zebra crossing with someone waiting on it, you should be slowing down and stopping.

What happens if you don’t stop at a zebra crossing?

Stopping to allow pedestrians to cross the road is not only good driving etiquette, it will also keep you out of trouble with the law. Failing to stop at a zebra crossing while a pedestrian is still on the road could land you with a hefty fine and points on your licence.

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Do cyclists have to stop at crossings?

Pedestrian crossings are intersections where people on foot have priority. If you are riding, you must give way at a pedestrian crossing. Slow down and be ready to stop for any pedestrians on a crossing or waiting to cross.