What happened to Diamond and harmonize?

Why did Diamond and Harmonize separate?

It was reported that the split was caused in part by infidelity on the side of Harmonize which led to him fathering his first child out of wedlock. Since this point Harmonize has been seen by the public to be embracing his new role as a father.

Why did Harmonise leave wasafi?

Harmonize finally reveals the real reason why he left Diamond’s WCB Wasafi record label. Harmonize claimed that staying quiet on the matter has cost him his reputation. … He also claimed that the WCB management slandered him after he started to become a household name in Tanzania.

Is Diamond Platnumz related to Harmonize?

Konde Music Worldwide CEO Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has admitted that he not in talking terms with his former Boss Diamond Platnumz months after his exit from WCB Wasafi. “I respect him he is doing a very good job, but we are not friends, I don’t wanna; lie to you.

How do you Harmonize a diamond?

“I met with Diamond at a hotel and I asked him why we were being incited by other parties to fight. He dared me to compete with him, saying that I can never beat him, be it musically, financially, through the justice system and even witchcraft. I was shocked, and he got in his car and left,” Harmonize said.

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When did Harmonize join wasafi?

Since then, Konde Boy has never looked back. Rajab Abdul Kahali popularly known as Harmonize was the first artiste to be signed by Diamond Platnumz under WCB Wasafi back in 2015.

Who is Diamond Platnumz wife?

He became a father for the third time with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobeto. As of 2019 Diamond was dating Kenyan model and musician Tanasha Donna, with whom he fathered one son, born in October 2019.

What is the meaning of WCB Wasafi?

Wasafi Classic Baby (more commonly known as WCB or WCB Wasafi) is a Tanzania-based record label founded by Tanzanian musician Diamond Platnumz.

What is the meaning of wasafi?

clean, clean (pl)

Who is Z Diamond Platnumz?

“Diamond Platnumz is a world-renowned Tanzanian artist who used his popularity and his talent to whitewash and deodorize the brutal repression of the late dictator John Magufuli and his regime,” Change Tanzania said.

Who is rich between Harmonize and diamond?

Who is the richer between Harmonize and Diamond Platnumz now? Diamond Platnumz’s net worth is currently estimated to be $6 million while Harmonize is currently worth $1 million.

How old is Harmonise?

Tanzanian Singer Harmonize has managed to earn a response from his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti following his public apology. … On Tuesday (Night), the Konde Music Worldwide CEO humbled himself and apologized to his ex-wife Sarah Michelotti, acknowledging that siring a baby out of wedlock is what ended their marriage.

Is harmonize still married?

Harmonize’s ex-wife Sarah has for the first time opened up about their divorce. Harmonize tied the knot with Sarah Michelotti in 2019.

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