What is a reclaimed diamond?

A recycled or reclaimed diamond is a diamond that was once mined and used in a jewelry setting, and is ready to be repurposed for another piece of jewelry. … An example of the vintage jewelry that our recycled diamonds come from.

Are recycled diamonds more expensive?

When it comes to buying recycled diamonds, they are significantly cheaper than standard retail. … And when it comes to selling recycled diamonds, they retain a lot of their value. On the other hand, lab created diamonds usually cost about 30 percent less than the natural diamonds sold in jewelry stores.

Are recycled diamonds good?

If you’re looking for an environmentally-friendly and socially conscious choice, we recommend a recycled diamond. Because they’re repurposed instead of newly mined, there’s nearly zero impact on the environment and surrounding communities. In other words, recycled diamonds are eco-friendly diamonds.

Are recycled diamonds real?

Recycled diamonds — also known as reclaimed or estate diamonds — are diamonds that were previously owned and have re-entered the diamond supply chain. Most of the time, recycled diamonds are retrieved from vintage and second-hand jewelry, and usually carry emotional or symbolic value.

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Are recycled diamonds cheaper?

There’s no depreciation. If you’re buying recycled diamonds from a pawn shop or online auction, it is definitely possible to get a lower price. … If you’re buying recycled diamonds from a jewelry store, it’s not likely they’ll be priced any differently than more recently mined diamonds.

Why are mined diamonds bad?

Environment. Due to poor planning and weak regulation, diamond mining has caused environmental devastation, severely damaging the land and water. This irresponsible mining has caused soil erosion and deforestation, and has forced local communities to relocate.

Why are synthetic diamonds bad?

Lab Made Diamonds are Not the Eco-Friendly Choice

The final reason to rethink lab-grown diamonds is that they aren’t as good for the environment as they are made out to be. The biggest rationale many people have for choosing manmade diamonds is that they believe they are better for the environment.

What is upcycled diamond?

Also known as reclaimed diamonds, upcycled diamonds are repurposed instead of newly mined. Rare and ravishing, these classic treasures are revamped by recutting and repolishing the stone and come in a multitude of cuts from antique to modern. … So in many ways, recycled diamonds are living their second life on earth.

Are second hand diamonds ethical?

Buying secondhand engagement rings and diamonds is the most eco-friendly option on the market.

Why do labs grow diamonds?

Lab-grown diamonds offer great value, as they are more affordable than natural diamonds of comparable size and quality. These cultured diamonds can be almost 30% less expensive than mined natural diamonds. The mined diamond industry is largely controlled by diamond cartels and filled with middle-men.

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Can you tell the difference between lab grown diamonds and mined diamonds?

Lab Grown Diamonds are approximately 30-50% less than a Natural Diamond, which means you can purchase a significantly larger diamond and truthfully say it is a diamond. The difference cannot be detected with the naked eye when comparing a Lab Grown Diamond and a Natural Diamond of equal characteristics of the 4 C’s.

Is it unethical to buy diamonds?

While diamonds have long been associated with some of the happiest days of one’s life, they can also be the source of so much suffering for others. From human rights abuses and blood diamonds to habitat destruction and water pollution, the truth is that diamond mining is a messy business.

Are there any ethical diamonds?

There are only a few reliable sources for truly Conflict Free Diamonds or Ethically Sourced Diamonds. Australia, Canada and Botswana Africa are the most well known and prolific. The Australian Mines are the Argyle Mine owned by The Rio Tinto Mining Company, and the Ellendale owned by Goodrich Resources.