What is after diamond in PUBG?

What are the levels of PUBG?

What are the tiers and how many PUBG Mobile ranks are there?

  • Conqueror.
  • Ace.
  • Crown.
  • Diamond.
  • Platinum.
  • Gold.
  • Silver.
  • Bronze.

Which level is after diamond?

League of Legends Tiers

The nine tiers, or ranks, in League of Legends include: Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Master, GrandMaster, and Challenger.

Is Diamond good in PUBG?

Diamond Tier is not the toughest Tier in pubg mobile, but it requires you to play for regular hours to reach at that level. As the game goes you are playing with those people who are at the same level you are and who had played the game in same amount of time as you did.

What is PUBG highest level?

The highest level you can get to in PUBG Mobile is 100, and most of the gamers at that level are the ones who got into the game early and worked their way up over time. But don’t worry, read on for our handy guide on how you can level up quickly in PUBG Mobile.

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What is the highest kills in PUBG?


How many ACE stars go to conqueror?

Pubg ranking system points Detailed with every tier

pubg Rank list Pubg & Pubg Mobile Pubg Lite & Pubg Mobile Lite
Ace (Parachute) 4200 4200
Ace 1 star 4300 Not yet
Ace 10 Star 5300
Conqueror Top 500 Players in Serer (6000-10000 points*)

What is ace in PUBG?

The Ace rank comes after Crown I. It does not have five tiers like the other ranks. This group comprises highly experienced players who are exceptional at playing PUBG Mobile. … These players are comfortable with most weapons and use their inventory wisely.

Is Bronze 1 or 5 better?

Each tier from Bronze to Diamond is divided into five divisions, depicted by a roman numeral between V (5 being the lowest) and I (1 being the highest).

How do I check my PUBG rank?

You can see your current rank and rating information by tapping on your profile in the upper-right corner of the main game screen. It is important to note that there are separate rankings for solo, duo and squad.

How do I raise my KD in PUBG?

#1 – Play with the regular squad

Players looking to increase their KD ratio in season 18 of PUBG Mobile should play with a regular squad. When players play in a regular team, they get to know their teammates’ strengths and weaknesses. In a random squad, teammates don’t usually land in one place.

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What is bot in PUBG?

Bots have an almost superhuman sense of hearing and can immediately figure out which direction you’re shooting on, and instinctively begin firing at you. Bot players won’t ever enter houses for loot, or collect the items of players they kill, but it is possible for them to get eliminations.

How do you conqueror in PUBG?

You need to first reach Ace tier, and then you need to try to get as many positive points as possible to reach Conqueror, and usually, an average of 4200 points are required, but as mentioned above, it might change depending on other players’ points.

Who is Serioton?

Serioton aka Athena Gaming is from South Korea who plays PUBG Mobile in FPP/TPP mode. Serioton also has a YouTube channel where he usually streams live PUBG Mobile streams. Athena Gaming is best known for his sniping skills and close range battles. He is popular because of his pro-level gaming skills.

What is mortal PUBG ID?

Mortal’s Battlegrounds Mobile India ID, stats, and other details. His ID is 590211476, and his in-game name is “SouLmorTal.” Given below are his stats for the current season.