What is the best thing to spend diamonds on?

What should I use my diamonds for AFK arena?

One of the most important way of spending diamonds is to summon heroes in the Noble Tavern whether you are spending one summon for 300 diamonds or ten summons for 2700 diamonds. Diamonds can be also used to claim additional AFK chest rewards (50 diamonds, increases with consequent uses).

Should I save my diamonds Hades?

Diamonds might be the hardest-to-gather resource in Hades. They are constantly needed for various things around the House, like Work Orders, decorations, music, and Ranks. … We suggest spending your Diamonds in this order.

What is Hades diamond?

Diamonds are one of the rarer currencies available in Hades and they’re used for unlocking higher tier upgrades with the House Contractor NPC. However, unlike Gemstones, these are a lot harder to come by, and you won’t be able to just get them by clearing chambers during your runs.

Is there any cheats for hay day?

The fact is that there are no legitimate sources of Hay Day cheat codes, hacks, cheap diamonds, free diamonds, or anything of the kind. Many of these services ask you to download a program, fill out a survey, or provide your Hay Day log in information, and promise free diamonds in return.

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What to do with diamonds in Hades?

They can be used to purchase higher tier upgrades from the House Contractor, such as a Music Stand for listening to music, progressing character favors, or bonuses for picking up resources in escape attempts.

What is the stargazer in AFK arena?

The Stargazing Room is a room located within The Noble Tavern. It includes a feature known as “stargazing” which centers around probability and chance, allowing the player to try their hand at acquiring Heroes, artifact fragments, legendary Gear, and copious amounts of Diamonds.

What are the best AFK arena heroes?

AFK Arena Tanks

Tier AFK Arena character
S Daimon, Thoran, Titus
A Albedo, Arthur, Grezhul, Mezoth, Orthros, Skreg
B Brutus, Hendrik
C Anoki, Gorvo, Lucius, Torne, Ulmus

What should I use Titan blood on?

Along with Diamonds and Ambrosia, they are a resource obtained via bounties. It is primarily used to unlock and upgrade Weapon Aspects in the courtyard of the House of Hades, allowing Zagreus to customize his arsenal of Infernal Arms.

What is the best weapon in Hades?

Varatha is one of the fastest weapons in the game. Its special is a powerful ranged attack, and its spin attack gives it a strong area attack to deal with multiple mobs. Add to that its naturally long range and its powerful dash strike, and a strong case can be made for calling Varatha one of the best weapons in Hades.

Is dark thirst random Hades?

At random, one of the weapons will have a shadowy purple aura indicating that it has the temporary Dark Thirst buff. If you choose the weapon with Dark Thirst, you’ll obtain 20% more Darkness during that run (which is an in-game currency used to purchase permanent player upgrades from the Mirror of Night).

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Who do I give Ambrosia to Hades?

The first time you hand over the Ambrosia, you will receive a companion. There are only six characters with a companion to offer: Achilles, Dusa, Meg, Sisyphus, Skelly, and Thanatos.

How do I use Titan’s blood Hades?

To unlock and upgrade these Aspects, you must pick up your chosen weapon in the Courtyard, and then interact with the weapon pedestal again to open the Aspects menu. From here you can switch between unlocked Aspects at will, and use the plus icon on the right of each Aspect to upgrade it with Titan Blood.

Where can I find titan blood Hades?

You earn Hades’ Titan Blood the first time you defeat the boss at the end of the first region using any one of the Infernal Arms. Thereafter, you will receive lesser rewards while using that particular weapon until you manage to escape the underworld.