What is the fastest way to fill petty soul gems?

The best way I found to fill up petty soul gems (and fast) is starting from whiterun and following the river down killing all the mud crabs I find. They are easy to kill and will attack you if you approach them so it a good excuse to disintegrate them (as i dont like killing creatures for no reason) xD.

What is the fastest way to fill soul gems?

If you take a stack of soul gems (more than 8 is a stack) and give them to a companion with a soul trap weapon (it’s is best to give them a bow and melee weapon so they don’t mess it up), when they kill something, it will fill the entire stack of soul gems.

How do you fill petty soul gems?

Filling Soul Gems in Skyrim

To fill Soul Gems in Skyrim, you’ll need to use the Soul Trap spell. This is an Apprentice level spell in the Conjuration school of magicka. Once you’ve unlocked this spell, all you need to do is use it on an enemy, and then defeat it with an empty Soul Gem in your inventory.

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What is the easiest way to fill a soul gem in Skyrim?

Filled soul gems can be found throughout the world, but can also be created through the spell Soul Trap. Another way to easily fill soul gems is by getting the Conjuration skill Soul Stealer, which automatically makes bound weapons cast Soul Trap.

Where do you get petty soul gems?


  1. Filled and empty soul gems can be purchased from general goods merchants, Court Wizards, and some members of the College of Winterhold.
  2. Arch-Mage’s Quarters at the College of Winterhold.
  3. Can be looted from Dwarven automatons.
  4. Can be looted from slain mages.
  5. Can be mined from Geode Veins in Blackreach.

Can Lydia fill soul gems?

1 Answer. Yes they can! This is an easy way to take some of the hassle and headache out of the whole soul-management process. Just be sure to keep the weapon you’ve given them recharged.

What is the biggest soul gem in Skyrim?

The grand soul gem is the largest soul gem that can be obtained in the game.

How do you fill a black soul gem for Falion?

Once a soul gem is acquired from one necromancer, simply cast Soul trap on another necromancer to fill it up to make Fort Snowhawk the one stop shop. Return to Morthal and speak with Falion, giving him the filled black soul gem.

Are black soul gems better than grand?

All black souls are of the grand level. The main benefit of a black soul gem is that it can capture grand leveled souls from humanoids, whereas those souls cannot normally be captured. These sources tend to be plentiful and easier to kill, compared with common grand level white soul sources, such as mammoths.

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How do I trap souls in Skyrim?

To capture a soul, there must be at least one empty soul gem in the inventory that is large enough to hold that soul. Either cast the Soul Trap spell on the target or attack it with a weapon enchanted with Soul Trap, then slay it before the duration of the effect runs out.

How do you get the Soul Trap enchantment?

ID. Fiery Soul Trap is a weapon enchantment which, as the name suggests, adds both a Soul Trap and a Fire Damage effect. It can be obtained by disenchanting the Steel Battleaxe of Fiery Souls found in Ironbind Barrow.

Can companions fill soul gems?

Yes, they can. In fact, in the original release there was an exploit that allowed followers to fill multiple soul gems of the same size with a single kill. It has since been patched (not sure if it was an official or unofficial patch that did it) but a single soul gem they can fill regardless.

Can you soul trap dragons?

No, not all creatures can be trapped using Soul Trap. For example Dragon’s will always resist being soul trapped. The dragon souls will instead be absorbed by you directly.

Do I need petty soul gems?

They’re good for enchanting equipment with enchantments that don’t have diminishing returns based on which tier soul is used, like waterbreathing or muffle.

Why does it say no soul gem large enough?

If you get a message saying that you do not have a large enough soul gem to capture a soul, despite having an empty grand soul gem in your inventory, it means that you are trying to catch a humanoid soul, which requires a black soul gem.

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