What is the fastest way to get sapphires in Animal Jam?

Players in Packs have a chance to receive Sapphires from the Gem Tree in their Pack Hideout every hour. Players with Membership in Packs also have a chance to receive Sapphires each day from their Pack Chest. Send your pets on Pet Expeditions in Crystal Sands for a chance they’ll bring back Sapphires!

How do you get free sapphires on animal Jam Wild Wild 2020?

You can get sapphires from random treasure hunts from time to time, and even the default animal hunts offer this occasionally! You can get more animals to get more keys for each hunt. This includes the gem animals.

What is the redeem code in animal Jam?

supersheep: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. curiousraccoon: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. cuddlykoala: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems. happyhyena: Redeem this code to get 750 Gems.

Can you give sapphires in Ajpw?

Being a member gives you 5 sapphires a day, as well as a few sapphires in the pack chest and sometimes the gem tree. Getting a full pack run gives one additional sapphire too. Now, Ajpw has released a code.

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What are some animal jam codes for sapphires?

Giveaway Codes

Code Reward AJPW Reward AJ
twelve 15 Sapphires 1 Diamond
wintergame 700 Gems Mystery at Mt. Shiveer Book
ajplaycards 500 Gems 500 Gems
beeparty 500 Gems 500 Gems

What was the first sapphire animal in Ajpw?

A majority of the animals are purchasable through Sapphires. The very first land animals were the Wolf, Bunny, Monkey. They are also known as the founding animals. The first flying animal was the Eagle.

How do you get gems in 2021 on Animal Jam?

Log onto Animal Jam daily and spin the Daily Spin.

If you log on everyday then the reward will triple every time you spin it, granting you more gems. You can also get diamonds and rares on the Daily Spin, which you can transfer to gems or recycle.

How do you trade in 2021 on Animal Jam?

– While viewing a Jammer’s Player Card, tap on the icon that has two circular arrows. – Choose an item you would like to trade for by tapping on it. – Pick the items you have that you would be willing to trade and follow the prompts.

How do you get the phantom portal in Animal Jam?

The Phantom Portal is a non-member den item. It was released on April 27, 2017, and it can be obtained from a hidden treasure chest in Storming The Fortress.

How do you get eco dollars on animal jam?

The player can earn Eco Credits by placing eco items in the player’s active den. After a certain amount of time, energy collected by the eco items will convert into Eco Credits.

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How do you get sapphires on Animal Jam?

– Sapphires can be purchased with real money via an In-App Purchase. – Players with memberships on Animal Jam Classic are awarded Sapphires everyday they login to Animal Jam. – Please note that any Premium items, avatars, den, or pets recycled will grant gems, not Sapphires!