What is the New York diamond district?

Why is it called Diamond District NYC?

The history of the Diamond District in NYC began in 1795 on a Manhattan street called Maiden Lane. It was here that diamond merchants first established a base of operations to sell diamonds from all over the world to high society patrons. … So, they began to collectively relocate to uptown Manhattan.

Does Diamond District sell real diamonds?

“In New York’s Diamond District, you can find vendors buying and selling diamonds, color gemstones, pearls, gold, and other raw materials, as well as every style of finished fine jewelry,” explained Dana Fiddes and Laura McCurdy, co-founders of Park & Lex.

What streets is the Diamond District?

The Diamond District is located on West 47th Street between Fifth and the Avenue of the Americas ( Sixth Avenue ) in midtown Manhattan.

How big is the Diamond District?

The Diamond District is a commercial stretch between Fifth and Sixth avenues in Midtown Manhattan, encompasses only nearly one block. Until the 1920s, New York’s diamond epicenter was Maiden Lane, four blocks north of Wall Street.

Who owns NYC Diamond District?

Most of the shop owners and workers are Hassidic Jews, Russians or Indians (three groups that dominate the diamond trade on the wholesale and manufacturing level as well). Walking down the street you will also notice plenty of armed guards for the shipping companies and police officers patrolling.

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Who owns the diamond district?

Todd Schusterman

I was born into a family who had spent their lifetimes in the jewelry business. My Grandfather opened his first jewelry store in 1919. My Father followed in his footsteps, took over his family business in the mid 50’s, and ran the company until his death in 1987.