What is the price of Bombay Sapphire gin?

What is the price of Bombay Sapphire gin in India?

Price of Bombay Sapphire: 1 liter – ₹2,600 (approx.)

Is Bombay gin expensive?

A bottle of Bombay Sapphire will run you about $20, and the brand’s super-premium version christened after its namesake, the Star of Bombay, costs about twice that amount.

What is Bombay Sapphire gin good with?

Bombay Sapphire is perfectly balanced with lemon juice, MARTINI Bianco, Creme de Cacao Blanc (chocolate liqueur), and Blue Curacao (orange liqueur), creating a chocolate-orange sensation.

Is Bombay Sapphire Blue a good gin?

Bombay Sapphire Bottling Note

One of the best known and most delicately perfumed gins in the world, Bombay Sapphire makes an excellent Martini, and is great as a base for a Gin and Tonic.

What is gin price?

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S.No Gin Brand Price (Approx.)
1 Bombay Sapphire Rs. 2600
2 Botanist Rs. 3200
3 Hapusa Rs. 2600
4 Tanqueray Rs. 3000

How much is a 5th of Bombay?

Bombay Gin price and bottle sizes

Bottle Size Header
Bombay Dry Gin 750ml $22.99
Bombay Bramble 700ml $33.10
Bombay Sapphire 750ml $31.99
Bombay Sapphire East Gin 750ml $34.99
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How do you drink Bombay Sapphire?

How do you take Bombay Sapphire? Pour Bombay Sapphire over ice and squeeze lime (with pith removed) over drink. Add lime to the glass after squeezing. Stir drink to acclimate contents.

What is the most expensive gin?

Morus LXIV Gin

And finally, the most expensive gin in the world right now – Morus LXIV was created by the team at Jam Jar Gin and is sold exclusively through Harvey Nichols. The first batch of just 25 litres took 2 years to make and is distilled with the dried leaves of a single 100 year old Mulberry tree.

Which Bombay gin is best?

The overall best gin of 2021: Hendrick’s Gin. The best value gin of 2021: Bombay Sapphire.

The best gin brands of 2021.

Rank Brand Category
1 Beefeater Best budget
2 Bombay Sapphire Best value
3 The Botanist Best under $50
4 Roku Best bottle design

Which gin is better Tanqueray or Bombay?

However, when it comes to choosing one over another, especially in a classic like the Gin and Tonic, it boils down to personal preference. “If you want to taste that strong typical flavor that gin has, I would go with Bombay or Tanqueray because of their juniper-heavy flavor and aromatic spice notes,” Tonelli says.

What’s the difference between Bombay gin and Bombay Sapphire gin?

Bombay is a more robust, straightforward, almost brutal gin. It lends itself to ice, tonic or a dry martini. Sapphire, on the other hand, is made for the new wave of gin-based cocktails. In martini form, it is more forgiving than older spirits–able to absorb too much vermouth and live with too little, either way.

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What is the best gin for a Gin and Tonic?

Here are the best gins for gin and tonics.

  • Greenhook Ginsmiths American Dry Gin. …
  • Hendrick’s Gin. …
  • Highclere Castle Gin. …
  • Junipero Gin. …
  • Nikka Coffey Gin. …
  • Sipsmith Gin. …
  • Tanqueray Gin. …
  • The Botanist Islay Dry Gin.

Is Bombay gin healthy?

Made from juniper berries, a type of “super fruit,” gin serves as one of the healthiest spirits ever created. It’s low in calories, and the botanical properties that survive the distillation process present plenty of health-boosting reasons gin is healthy.

Does Bombay Sapphire expire?

Gin stays fine for years, and its shelf life is basically indefinite. … The gin won’t go off, but the longer it’s stored opened, the worse its taste will be. That means that if you leave the bottle open for a few years, the gin might not taste that great and you will likely discard it.