What is White Diamond’s gem weapon?

Is white diamond the most powerful gem?

As for value, Blue and Yellow are tied for most, White is in second, and Pink is the least valuable. Excluding White Diamond from this part, but out of the diamonds, Blue’s court is the most powerful.

What is Pearl’s weapon called?

Although Pearls weapon is called a “spear” it looks more like a naginata , a weapon used by the wives of Samurais to defend the home when there husbands where away. Pearls spear could serve a similar purpose.

Did white diamond create the other diamonds?

Conclusion. White Diamond is the most powerful of the Diamonds within the Great Diamond Authority. White Diamond controls the actual Homeworld and the star system that it lies in. White Diamond created the other Diamonds to establish new colonies when resources in the Homeworld star system were running low.

What are White Diamond’s powers?

White Diamond has the standard abilities of a Gem, those including: Enhanced condition, the ability to not age, and potentially, shapeshifting and fusion. However, she has a greater amount of power within, alongside Yellow and Blue Diamond, due to her status as a Diamond and member of the Great Diamond Authority.

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Is Stevonnie a boy?

Stevonnie (/stəˈvɒni/ stə-VON-ee) is a fictional character in the animated series Steven Universe and Steven Universe Future, created by Rebecca Sugar.

Species 25% Gem 75% Human
Gender Intersex/Non-binary
Affiliation Crystal Gems
Weapon Sword Shield

What is marinas main weapon?

Respectively, her weapon of choice has been revealed to be Splat Dualies. A pair of weapons dedicated to being in the fray. With the dodge rolling combined, it’s seen as a pretty active and energetic weapon.

What is garnet weapon?

Garnet’s Gauntlets

Garnet usually dual-wields weapons on both hands and they are the only weapons to regenerate with different designs. Her gauntlets cover half her lower arms at normal size and her whole lower arms when she increases their size.

Does Steven Universe use a sword?

Obsidian’s Sword

Obsidian is the fusion of Garnet, Steven, Pearl, and Amethyst. It’s a combination of Pearl’s spear, Steven’s shield, Garnet’s gauntlet, and Amethyst’s whip. Their weapons are combined as a sword handle and the actual blade is made from the lava flowing in its mouth.

What is a gem Destabilizer?

A Gem Destabilizer is a Gem Weapon designed to dissipate a Gem’s physical form. The yellow Destabilizer appears to have been modeled on Yellow Diamond’s power to generate a lightning bolt-current that paralyzes and poofs Gems.

Is white diamond off color?

White asks herself what is happening, and she reaches out to Yellow and Blue. Both of them back away from her, saying that she is “off-colored” after seeing her pink cheeks.

What is Sunstone weapon?

Suction Cups Proficiency: By combining Steven’s shield and Garnet’s gauntlets, Sunstone can wield a pair of suction cups, allowing them to scale up certain objects.

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Are the Diamonds Steven aunts?

Yellow Diamond, Blue Diamond, and Pink Diamond are like “sisters”. … And now that Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond learned the truth, they learned that they actually have a “nephew”, Steven and are “aunts”.

Is Pearl White Diamond’s Pearl?

Pearl (Steven’s) has been called a renegade Pearl in the show, also her gem’s placement is the same as White Diamond’s gem. Also Pearl’s skin is a pale white, and Peridot said she was a Pearl of high quality.