What kind of gems can you find in Nevada?

Beryl, faustite, nephrite, magnesite, rhodonite, topaz, and vesuvianite have all been found in Nevada.

Where can I dig for gemstones in Nevada?

Here are a few areas where to public can go and dig:

  • Bonanza Opal Mine. …
  • Garnet Hill Recreation Area. …
  • High Desert Gems & Minerals. …
  • Kokopelli Opals. …
  • Rainbow Opals. …
  • Royal Peacock Opal Mine. …
  • Royston Turquoise Mine.

Are there emeralds in Nevada?

There are even reports of emeralds found in Nevada along the Rye Patch area, especially at the Oreana Tungsten Mine. Here, green beryl, close enough to be called emerald, has been found along with almandine garnets and brightly fluorescent scheelite ore.

Where can I go rockhounding in Nevada?

Luckily, you can: there are three places to rock hound in Nevada, and most of them will open for the season this spring.

  • Garnet Hill in Ely. …
  • Royston Turquoise Mine in Tonopah. …
  • Opal mines near Denio.

Does Nevada have diamonds?

Mine Overview

The Yellow Diamond Mine is near Boulder City, Nevada. Historically the site has been associated with the Camp Alunite-Las Vegas Mining District which is now part of the Black Canyon Wilderness. The Yellow Diamond Mine is a underground mining operation.

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Can I find geodes in Nevada?

What is this? The best places to find geodes in Nevada are: Black Rock Desert – You may be able to find geodes in almost the entirety of the Black Rock Desert. Star Peak – The area on the E side of Star Peak has been known to contain geodes.

Where can you find amethyst in Nevada?

When it comes to Amethyst, Nevada has some locations where you can find this beautiful gemstone. Impressive amethyst crystal specimens can be found at the Peterson Mountains, which is located in the county of Washoe. It can also be found at a junction known as the Hallelujah Junction.

Can Opals be found in Nevada?

Nevada Opal. The gemstone that Nevada is best known for today is opal. Some of the finest black opal in the world is mined in the Virgin Valley area in the northwest corner of the state. … Today parts of Virgin Valley are underlain by opal-bearing tuff and volcanic ash from that eruption which are over 100 feet thick.

Where are opals in Nevada?

The Virgin Valley black fire opal was declared Nevada’s official state precious gemstone in 1987. Black fire opal is especially rare and only found in two areas on earth: Nevada’s Virgin Valley and New South Wales, Australia. Other types and colorations of the gemstone can be found in Nevada’s Nye and Lincoln Counties.

Where can I dig for turquoise in Nevada?

A few areas to look at are Lander County in central Nevada, the southern slope of the Pilot Mountain Range about 50 miles west of Salt Lake, and Crescent Valley south of I-80 between Battle Mountain and Carlin. There have also been claims around Austin and the Carico Lake area in the central part of the state.

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Where can I dig for black opals?

The black opal is one of Nevada’s most iconic gems. Found in abundance in the Silver State, you’ll find it most concentrated in the Virgin Valley. The valley—tucked away in the northwest corner of the state—is famous for its precious opal beds and remote scenery.

What is Nevada turquoise?

Nevada Blue Mine Turquoise. Nevada Blue turquoise is a fascinating stone, characterized by wild, bold red and black matrix in bright blue and intense, high-grade spiderweb. There are also other minerals associated with it including opal, rich red-brown limonite, and acicular crystals of either wavelite or selenite…

Where can I find obsidian in Nevada?

The Scotty’s Junction rockhounding area lies not far off of Nevada highway 95, and it is particularly rich in Apache tears – small rounded obsidian stones – that lie clustered across the area’s surface.