What level do you get Ruby weapons in MooMoo io?

Ruby Weapons are also the first tier of weapons to be able to inflict a debuff on an opponent. Ruby Weapons can be obtained by destroying 35 Turrets.

Can you get a ruby musket in MooMoo io?

Similarly, gathering 7,000 Resources turned it into the Diamond Musket, and gathering 12,000 Resources turned it into the Ruby Musket. … The only resource that could be gathered by the Musket is Food, obtained by killing Mobs.

Can you get a ruby katana in MooMoo io?

Ruby Variant

Ruby Katana The Ruby Katana is the third and final obtainable version of the Katana. It is obtained upon gathering 12,000 Resources and deals 47 damage to everything.

How do you get the ruby AXE in MooMoo io?

The Ruby Great Axe can be obtained by gathering 12,000 Resources. This is a good alternative to stick, as it has a high gather rate, and does a considerable amount of damage.

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What is the best weapon in MooMoo io?

Katana is probably the best choice for a melee fighter. Although you will have to place some structures, the Katana will do some heavy damage. All the secondary weapons work with this.

What is the fastest way to get Ruby Weapons in MooMoo io?

Ruby Weapons can be obtained by destroying 35 Turrets. Most melee Ruby Weapons have a golden orb in the center. None of the Ranged Weapons do, however. Ruby Weapons were created by MooMoo.io artist MonsterBot™, who provided much of the artwork for Emerald Weapons.

How do I get an emerald weapon?

Unlocking Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy XIV

Players will already need to be level 80 and have finished the main storyline up until the quest Shadowbringers. Players will be able to now go through the post-expansion story content of patches 5.1 and 5.2, concluding in the quest Old Enemies, New Threats.

How do you get a repeater bow in Ruby?

The Ruby Repeater Crossbow is obtained once you have gathered 12,000 resources while holding it. It does the same damage as the Normal/Golden/Diamond Variants. It appears to be carved from ruby crystal and has several spikes of gold ore across part facing outwards.

How do you get Diamond Katana in MooMoo io?

Diamond Weapons are the 3rd variant of normal Weapons in MooMoo.io. They are more potent than normal Weapons. They are unlocked by gathering 7,000 Resources with a Weapon. They upgrade from Gold Weapons, which are obtained by gathering 3,000 Resources with a Weapon.

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How much damage does a katana do?

The Katana has a base 19% critical strike chance, as opposed to the usual 4%, and has autoswing, which makes it extremely useful.


Type Weapon
Damage 16 (Melee)
Knockback 3.5 (Weak)
Critical chance 19%
Use time 22 (Fast)

How do you get gold weapons in Moomoo io?

You Must Obtain A Total Of 3,000 Resources killing animals or destroying wood walls. You Must Obtain A Total 3k Resources killing animals or destrouing wood walls. A projectile Possibly intended for the Gold Hunting Bow/Crossbow but remains unimplemented.

How much damage does the AXE do in Moomoo io?

The Hand Axe has a slightly longer range than the Tool Hammer. It deals 30 damage, thus taking 4 hits to kill an enemy at full health if they don’t heal.

How much damage does a ruby Polearm do?

The Polearm deals 45 Damage. The Polearm is unlocked at Age 2 as an alternative to the Daggers, Stick, Bat, Short Sword, and Hand Axe. The Polearm reduces move speed by approximately 18%.

What is the secret weapon in MooMoo io?

The Shotgun is a hidden Weapon found in MooMoo. io’s data files.

What is the max level in MooMoo io?

The maximum Age is 100.