What level do you need to be to beat Ruby Weapon?

Any level is fine. A basic Ribbon + Fire Elemental in your armor is enough to beat him. The only attack he has that can kill you with that setup is Ultima.

What level do you have to be to beat weapons in ff7?

They will need to be level 80 at a minimum. Check out the Leveling Your Characters section for more information on how to level your characters up quickly. Each of your characters will need to have 9,999 HP with a minimal amount of HP Plus Materia added.

How hard is Ruby Weapon ff7?

Ruby Weapon is extremely strong. It has attacks that can completely remove a party member from the battle (called Whirlsand) and it has extremely high defense. The majority of the preparation that needs to take place is to prevent characters from being removed from battle.

Is Emerald Weapon harder than Ruby Weapon?

Ruby Weapon is far stronger than Emerald Weapon, thanks to a ridiculously high defense stat, a number of powerful attacks, and the ability for it to remove party members at any time using Whirlisand (except on the original PlayStation version of the game when it was only used on the 25th and 32nd turns).

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How do you beat Ruby and Emerald Weapon?

For an easy way to beat Emerald Weapon, the player can have a character equip HP Absorb, Knights of Round, Counter, Mime. With W-Summon and two stars on the Materia, they can summon it twice.

What is master summon materia?

Master Summon is a Summon Materia in Final Fantasy VII that provides all 16 summons when equipped. Unlike regular summon materia, there is no limit on the number of uses of each summon per fight. It provides no changes to stats, and cannot grow with AP.

How often does Omnislash hit?

Omnislash performs 15 hits, at 0.75 times Cloud’s normal damage each, on random targets. This damage is further increased as each attack is a critical hit, approximately doubling the damage. Omnislash’s attacks are all physical and damage depends on Cloud’s Strength stat and currently equipped weapon.

Does attacking the tentacles hurt Ruby Weapon?

Battle. The attacks of the tentacles are controlled by Ruby Weapon, so attacks from them are counted as Ruby Weapon’s. … When Ruby Weapon has a tentacle out, it cannot use certain attacks because its arms are occupied.

How many Dazers are needed for Ruby Weapon?

You’ll want to gather a healthy supply of at least 30 Dazers (if you don’t have one or you’re unwilling to use the W-Item cheat, the best way to get them is by mugging, morphing or defeating Boundfats in the Corral Valley) and put them at the top of your inventory.

How do you beat Diamond weapon?

Diamond Weapon starts off the battle with immunity to physical attacks. Focus on using high powered spells such as Ultima, Contain and Comet. Diamond Weapon also has a weakness to lightning-based magic making Bolt3 from your Lightning Materia extremely effective.

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How do I get underwater materia?

Obtained. Underwater is traded from the Kalm traveler with a Guide Book. The Guide Book is morphed from a Ghost Ship in the Junon Underwater Reactor or the Battle Square. Only one Underwater Materia can be obtained, but only one is needed.

Where is the Earth Harp ff7?

You can get the Earth Harp from killing Emerald Weapon, the Desert Rose from killing Ruby weapon, and the guide book from using the morph command on the undead ship (I forgot what it’s called) in the Underwater base. When you give those to him, he gives you a full set of master materia.

Where do I get mime ff7?

Obtained. Mime is found in the Materia Cave in the Wutai Area. The player needs a green, black, or gold Chocobo to get access. As Mime can only be obtained once, the only way to have multiple Mime Materia is to master it.

How do I get Ultima Weapon ff7?

Ultima Weapon is obtained by defeating Ultimate Weapon. This can be done after Diamond Weapon is defeated. The player must chase Ultimate Weapon with the Highwind in a location it is found in the world map, starting with a crater near Junon, and fight it until it docks above Cosmo Canyon, where it can be defeated.