What movie comes after Jewel of the Nile?

Romancing the Stone was released on March 30, 1984, to positive reviews from critics and earned over $115 million worldwide at the box office. It was followed by a 1985 sequel titled The Jewel of the Nile.

Is there a sequel to Jewel of the Nile?

It is the sequel to the 1984 action-adventure romantic comedy film Romancing the Stone. Like Romancing the Stone, the opening scene takes place in one of Joan’s novels.

The Jewel of the Nile
Directed by Lewis Teague
Written by Mark Rosenthal Lawrence Konner
Based on Characters by Diane Thomas
Produced by Michael Douglas

How many movies of Romancing the Stone are there?

No deal is in place for Douglas to star, but reportedly he is interested in appearing in the film. … It is uncertain whether Kathleen Turner and Danny DeVito, who co-starred with Douglas in the first two films, will appear in the third.

Is War of the Roses a sequel?

Alex McAulay has come on board to adapt the script for “War of the Roses: The Children” for Permut Presentations and Grey Eagle Productions. The project is a sequel to the 1989 hit “War of the Roses,” starring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner and based on Warren Adler’s novel of the same name.

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What happened Kathleen Turner?

When Kathleen Turner was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease, in her late 30s, she was at the peak of her career as a leading lady in Hollywood. Turner discusses how the industry reacted negatively to her physical changes and how the disease has impacted her career.

How old is Catherine Zeta Jones?

“The Jewel of the Nile” is more silliness in the tradition of “Romancing the Stone,” which in its turn was a funny action comedy inspired by the Indiana Jones epics. Even so, it lacks some of the pleasures of “Romancing,” especially the development of the romance between Douglas and Turner. …

Why did Jack name his boat Angelina in Romancing the Stone?

At the end of the film, Jack and Joan “sail off” down the street in Jack’s new boat ‘Angelina’ – the name of the female character featured in the book Joan is writing at the beginning of the film.

Who was Angelina in Romancing the Stone?

Romancing the Stone (1984) – Kymberly Herrin as Angelina – IMDb.

Who played Angelina in Romancing the Stone?

And Kathleen Turner has revealed just how close she was to falling in love with her Romancing The Stone co-star Michael Douglas, 74.