What should I look for in turquoise jewelry?

Natural: “High Quality Unadulterated” turquoise, cut and polished. Look for vibrant colors ranging from sky blue to green. These gems often (but not always) have a matrix-veins or blotches which vary from white to black in color.

What is the best turquoise for jewelry?

The most-prized turquoise color is an even, intense, medium blue, sometimes referred to as robin’s egg blue or sky blue in the trade. The traditional source for this color is the Nishapur district of Iran, so you’ll also hear it described as “Persian blue,” whether or not it was actually mined in Iran.

How do you know if turquoise is valuable?

The weight of the stone and the Turquoise Quality Index can help us determine how much a stone is really worth. Turquoise is weighed in carats, where 5 carats equals 1 gram. The heavier the stone, the more valuable it is. It is common to see turquoise priced per carat when it is for sale.

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What do I need to know about turquoise jewelry?

How to Tell Real Turquoise Jewelry from Fake

  • Howlite and magnesite are light gray to white minerals with patterning that resembles spider webbing, which are dyed to look like genuine turquoise. …
  • Turquoise of lesser-quality is porous, so changes from pale blue to verdant green can occur over time.

How can you tell if turquoise is stabilized or natural?

After treatment, stabilized turquoise is harder and is unlikely to break or crack. The stone is no longer porous, so it doesn’t absorb liquids or oils and the color is “locked” – unlike natural turquoise where the color can change, or deepen, over time.

What are the grades of turquoise?

These Turquoise Grades are rated by AA-, A, B and C. These are the Turquoise Grades that were most common to see during the early years of the Turquoise boom in the 1950s through the 1980s in America. These grades of Natural Turquoise are determined mainly by hardness, matrix pattern and color.

What is AAA grade turquoise?

Turquoise in Grade AAA in Oval Cut. This Natural Turquoise Gemstone in the AAA Grade, Displays a Distinguished Bright Light Blue Color, With a Good Cut, Good Polish and No Matrix. This Turquoise Gemstone Has Been Treated With A Porous Gemstone Colorless Agent to Improve Durability and Appearance.

How can I tell if my turquoise is real?

Turquoise is naturally a soft stone, but howlite (the turquoise imitation), is even softer. This means that if you scratch your stone and it scratches easily, you most likely have a piece of howlite. But if it’s very difficult to scratch your stone, you’ve got genuine turquoise!

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What is the rarest type of turquoise?

Lander Blue Spiderweb Turquoise is some of the rarest Turquoise on earth and in high demand, Buyers must beware of impersonators, the highest grade of Chinese Spiderweb Turquoise is often sold as Lander Blue Turquoise, it takes an experienced professional to detect true Lander Blue Turquoise.

Is turquoise rare or common?

The answer is yes. Turquoise is one of the rarest gemstones in the world. Rare- (of an event, situation, or condition) not occurring very often. (of a thing) not found in large numbers and consequently of interest or value.

How many carats should turquoise be worn?

Transparent gems should weigh more than two carats (one carat equals 200 mg and so two carats equals 400 mg) and opaque gems like pearl, red pearl and turquoise need to ideally weigh between 3 and 10 carats. There is a belief that a connection exists between the body weight of the wearer and the weight of the gem.

Why does turquoise turn green?

Because all natural turquoise is at least a little porous, things like oils, soaps and other chemicals can get into the stone and can change its color. The pores of the stone will even absorb the natural oils produced by the skin causing it to turn a greenish color over time.

Is turquoise more blue or green?

Turquoise is a shade of blue that lies on the scale between blue and green. It has characteristics associated with both of these, such as the calmness of blue and the growth that is represented in green. Turquoise can also has the energy that yellow transmits, becoming an uplifting color.

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How can you tell a Kingman turquoise?

Kingman Turquoise ranges in color from sky blue to hues of green, the green turquoise actually comes from the Turquoise Mountain side of the mine, and is desired for it’s distinct coloring. This turquoise ring shows the appeal of the Kingman turquoise hue.

Is White Buffalo turquoise real turquoise?

White Buffalo, although technically not turquoise, is often referred to as turquoise due to its discovery in a turquoise mine. The reason behind its illustrious white color is due to its formation by the same mineralization process, “regular” in which turquoise undergoes.