What should I use my first diamond on?

So a Pickaxe is always the first order of diamond tools. Followed by enchanting table, Sword and so on.

What should you use diamonds for first in Minecraft?

#1 – Diamond Pickaxe

A Diamond Pickaxe is the first item on which players can spend their diamonds. It is necessary to mine obsidian and ancient debris. Without obsidian, most players cannot travel to the nether. Experienced Minecrafters, though, can create nether portals without using a diamond pickaxe.

What should I use my diamonds on Minecraft?

The best things to do with diamonds in Minecraft

  1. #5 – Crafting a jukebox. Although many would argue a jukebox is a pretty frivolous item, it isn’t a bad investment for players with an extra diamond to spare. …
  2. #4 – Crafting an Enchanting Table. …
  3. #3 – Crafting diamond armor. …
  4. #2 -Crafting a diamond sword.

What is the best use of diamonds?

Industrial Uses for Diamonds

Because diamonds are so strong (scoring a 10 on the Mohs Hardness Scale), they are extremely effective at polishing, cutting, and drilling.

Is a diamond pickaxe worth it?

No, even if you mine efficiently. You should use stone or iron pickaxes for everything except what you need diamond pickaxes for, or if you’re impatient and want to get through it quickly. From the wiki: Mining 771 blocks below elevation 18 has a 50% chance of finding at least one diamond ore.

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How many diamonds should I get in Minecraft?

A full set of diamond armor requires 24 diamonds, and 9 diamonds more to make a full set of tools, which contains a pickaxe, a sword, an axe and a shovel.

What should I craft in Minecraft?

The most useful Things in Minecraft

  • Crafting table. Starting off with something essential! …
  • Bed. The bed is needed to sleep through the night to avoid dangerous mobs such as zombies, skeletons, and phantoms. …
  • Torches. …
  • Cobblestone. …
  • Diamonds! …
  • Enchantment table. …
  • Packed ice and a boat. …
  • Shulker Box.

Does TNT destroy diamond?

With the TNT update, yes. Tnt will now drop every material it blows up.

Do diamonds spawn near Lava?

Diamonds do not tend to spawn close to lava, but lava pools are naturally more open areas and you can look at more blocks this way. Plus, if you find a natural lava pool at around that level, it means every single block you see surrounding the pool has the potential to be Diamond Ore.

What’s the best place to find diamonds in Minecraft?

Diamonds only spawn at layer 15 and lower, and most commonly between layers 12 and 5. This is pretty deep, almost down to the very bottom of the world. Quick tip: If you’re not sure what layer you’re on, you can check the debug menu, also known as the F3 screen.