What type of volcano is the Diamond Head?

Diamond Head is a special type of cinder cone because it was formed very explosively. He has a very large crater compared to the rim size. This type of volcano is called a tuff cone. Koko crater is another example of this type of volcano.

Is Diamond Head a shield volcano?

The most populous Hawaiian Island, Oahu, is dominated by two large shield volcanoes that range in age from two to four million years old. However, a fair number of smaller and much younger volcanic craters are also present on Oahu, such as Diamond Head Crater pictured above.

What kind of crater is Diamond Head?

Diamond Head State Monument encompasses over 475 acres, including the interior and outer slopes of the crater. This broad, saucer-shaped crater was formed about 300,000 years ago during a single, explosive eruption that sent ash and fine particles in the air.

Is Diamond Head a caldera?

Although Diamond Head is listed as a dormant volcano, it is considered monogenic, meaning it was a one-blast wonder and will probably never awaken again. It was designated a National Natural Landmark in 1968 as an excellent example of a tuff cone (Volcano Cafe). Yours truly at Diamond Head, Oahu.

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When was the last time Diamond Head volcano erupted?

Diamond Head is monogenetic, which means eruption occurs only once. The last eruption of the volcanic tuff cone was likely 150,000 to 200,000 years ago. It has remained dormant since.

Is Diamond Head an extinct volcano?

Diamond Head is part of the Ko’olau Range. Ko’olau was a volcano that began erupting below sea level some 2.6 million years ago. … Diamond Head is the youngest of these landmarks dating itself at about 200,000 years old. The vents are now extinct and Diamond Head has been dormant for about 150,000 years.

What type of volcano is Mt St Helen?

Mount St. Helens is a stratovolcano, a steep-sided volcano located in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States in the state of Washington.

What volcanoes are active in Hawaii?

Active Volcanoes of Hawaii

  • Kīlauea.
  • Mauna Loa.
  • Hualālai.
  • Mauna Kea.
  • Lō’ihi.
  • Haleakalā

Is Diamondhead made of diamond?

Ben as Diamondhead

Being a silicon-based life form made of super-hard, green/blue diamond-like material, [MW1] Diamondhead’s body is composed of durable pale green crystals. … There were six crystal shards on his back instead of four and he also sported two more on the front of his chest.

Is Stairway to Heaven in Hawaii Open?

Hawaii’s famous Haiku Stairs, known as the “Stairway to Heaven,” will be removed due to illegal trespassing and injuries at the site that have led to hefty costs. The stairs, built by the U.S. Navy in the 1940s, are now known to lead the best views in Hawaii, despite being closed to the public for over 30 years.

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What created Diamond Head crater?

About 300,000 years ago, molten lava flowed into the cool waters of the Pacific, creating a violent steam explosion. Cinder, ash and chunks of limestone reef flew into the air, then settled and hardened into a tuff cone that measures 760 feet at its highest point and has a 350-acre crater within it.

Why is Diamond Head called that?

Known as Leahi (brow of the tuna) in Hawaiian, the crater was named Diamond Head by 19th century British sailors who thought they discovered diamonds on the crater’s slopes. These “diamonds” were actually shiny calcite crystals that had no value.

What side of the island is Diamond Head on?

Once you crest the summit, you’ll get a spectacular vista of the leeward side of the island of Oahu, including Waikiki, Honolulu, and another famous landmark, Diamond Head Lighthouse.