When did PewDiePie get the ruby play button?

The anonymous YouTuber revealed that Pewdiepie’s prized possession, the ruby play button had received the highest bid of £1 million. The YouTube star had received his ruby play button in December 2016 when his Channel became the first on YouTube to cross the 50 million mark.

Who has PewDiePie’s Ruby play button?

PewDiePie receives Ruby Play Button Brofist from YouTube after hitting 50 million subscribers! It’s the first Ruby Play Button EVER!

Did PewDiePie actually sell his ruby play button?

No. PewDiePie likes to joke around. He did not sell his ruby play button.

Does PewDiePie have a red play button?

PewDiePie was the first ever YouTuber to receive the Red Diamond Play Button, and the first to own a broken one. PewDiePie threw away the briefcase that the Red Diamond Award came in. Along with many of his other awards, the briefcase was put on eBay.

Did PewDiePie gave away his 100m play button?

Pewds is one of the longest-running YouTubers on the internet, with reaction videos. … In an October 25 video upload, PewDiePie explained why he decided to give away his 100m subscriber YouTube play button to a fan as a wedding gift.

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Did BLACKPINK get Ruby play button?

BLACKPINK becomes the first Korean YouTube channel to receive a ruby button surpassing 50 million subscribers. BLACKPINK became the first Korean YouTube channel to receive a ruby button. The girl group surpassed 50 million subscribers on October 5th, becoming the first Korean YouTube channel to achieve this milestone.

Who got 50 million play button?

The first receiver of the award was PewDiePie who actually coined the term “Ruby Play Button” which would remain the name of this award for several years. He reached 50 million subscribers on December 2016 and later claimed his play button.

Did Pewdiepie break his play button?

(Kjellberg has both of these, but notes that his Gold Play Button was destroyed by FedEx in transit. “This is clearly trash,” he says of the broken plaque.

Is the 10 mil plaque real diamond?

After all the buzz, they are not really made of diamond. In fact, it doesn’t even a diamond piece. It’s simply a bright plaque award. These silver color brushed metal plaques with a big clear crystal is what YouTubers crave.

Is gold play button real gold?

It is made of gold-plated brass. In March 2018, the look of the Gold Play Button was updated from a metal button housed within a window box with the channel’s name printed on the front glass pane to a cleaner-looking flat designed metal plaque award featuring the channel’s name embossed on it.

What is PewDiePie’s real name?

Yes a youtuber did that. Not “a youtuber” but the most subscribed youtuber PewDiePie . Here’s the full video. PewDiePie “sold” his gold play button on the video he posted on October 1st.

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Who is Lizard lava Youtuber?

First video

LizardLava (formerly known as LizardLava808) is an American YouTuber who makes music videos and gaming videos on Minecraft. He is mostly known for being in PewDiePie’s “LIWAY” videos.