Where can I find Yogo sapphires in Montana?

Where can I mine Yogo sapphires in Montana?

Yogo sapphires are mined in Montana at Yogo Gulch, 12 miles southwest of Utica, 45 miles west-southwest of Lewistown and east of Great Falls. The yogo sapphire mine site resides inside Judith Basin County and was carved out from parts of western Ferguson and eastern Cascade counties.

Where can you find Yogo sapphires?

History and Information about Yogo Sapphires

Yogo sapphires are a variety of corundum found only in Yogo Gulch, part of the Little Belt Mountains in Judith Basin County, Montana, United States, on land once inhabited by the Piegan Blackfeet people.

Where is Yogo Gulch in Montana?

YOGO SAPPHIRE GULCH, Mont. – Located about 50 miles west of Lewistown lies the Yogo Sapphire Gulch where at least a billion dollars worth of Yogo sapphires is hidden in the rocks.

Where are Montana sapphires found?

Fancy Montana Sapphires are found in three major areas in the western half of the state: Missouri River near Helena, Rock Creek in the Sapphire Mountains, and Dry Cottonwood near Deer Lodge. These sapphires vary greatly from the Yogo Sapphire in that most of the sapphires require heat treating.

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How much are Yogo sapphires worth?

Because of their fine quality, the price differential between Yogo and other fancy Montana sapphires can be significant. Baide said that other Montana sapphires can average about $1,000 per carat, compared with somewhere around $10,000 per carat for a Yogo sapphire.

Are Yogo sapphires expensive?

The largest crystal ever found was a 19 carat stone that in 1910 was crafted into an 8 carat gemstone. The largest cut Yogo is 10.2 carats and resides in the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. Rarer than diamonds, Yogo sapphires are coveted, exquisite, expensive jewels.

What is a Montana Yogo Sapphire?

Yogo Sapphires are the most precious sapphires found in North America. … These unique gems come from only limited area, named Yogo Gulch, located in the Little Belt Mountains of Montana. First found accidentally by gold prospectors in the 1880s, the sapphires eventually became the focus of the mining in the area.

What gems are found in Montana?

These include: jasper, garnet, varieties of quartz, rhodonite, serpentine, staurolite, topaz, tourmaline, and wonderstone. A few diamonds, diamond indicator minerals, and kimberlites have been found in the state.

Are Montana sapphires valuable?

Montana Sapphire

To be specific, the majority is under 1/2ct and a very limited supply of the sapphires are over 1ct, which makes the stone substantially more expensive per carat. Typical Montana sapphire can cost anywhere from $250-$1500 per carat for under 1/2ct to upwards of $7000 per carat for larger than 5 carats.

Why are Yogo sapphires so expensive?

The term ‘Yogo’ refers to the Yogo Gulch in the Little Belt Mountains, east of Great Falls. … While it is estimated that 5.6 tons (or 28 million carats) of Yogo Sapphires are still in the ground, the excavation of them is costly and difficult, which keeps their scarcity and relative price high.

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What are Montana sapphires called?

Yogo sapphires are blue sapphires, a colored variety of corundum, found in Montana, primarily in Yogo Gulch (part of the Little Belt Mountains) in Judith Basin County, Montana. Yogo sapphires are typically cornflower blue, a result of trace amounts of iron and titanium.

What is special about Montana Sapphire?

A Montana sapphire is, simply, a sapphire from Montana. Yogo sapphires are also Montana sapphires, but originate from a particular deposit known for its excellent cornflower blue color. Both sapphires and rubies are gem-quality corundum. … With a hardness of 9 on the Mohs scale, only diamond can scratch a sapphire.

Where can I dig for Montana Sapphire?

Montana Sapphire Mining Guide. Although sapphires can be found throughout Montana today, the majority of the finds can be attributed to four major locales: Yogo Gulch, Rock Creek, Dry Cottonwood Creek, and the gravel bars along the Missouri River northeast of Helena.

Where is Sapphire most commonly found?

Sapphires can be found all over the world, but the majority of the finest blue sapphires are mined in Sri Lanka. Since 2016, Madagascar has also been a prominent location for sapphire mining, and other popular locations include Montana, Australia, and Tanzania.

Are Montana sapphires real?

There are no named varieties or species of Montana sapphire. There are rare star sapphires found in the Montana deposits, and the sapphires from Yogo Gulch are so famous that they are often referred to as “Yogo Sapphires.”