Where do Darl and Jewel Addie dies?

Where is Darl when Addie dies?

He tells Jewel that Addie has died while they’re stuck in a ditch during the storm. Darl philosophizes about existence before he sleeps. Darl returns to the barn with Jewel. He carries the coffin to the wagon with the family.

Where are Darl and Jewel during Addie’s funeral?

Anse tells him to go wash his hands. Darl and Jewel are in the wagon. Darl thinks about confronting Dewey Dell about Lafe, and then bothers Jewel about Addie’s impending death. Peabody, the doctor, is on his way to the Bundren place.

Does Addie Bundren get buried?

She is almost burned in the barn fire, but Jewel saves her. She arrives in Jefferson. She is buried with Mrs. Bundren’s spades.

How does Peabody think Addie died?

When he arrives, Peabody goes to the room where Addie lays. He thinks of death as a mental process, and notes that, in this sense, Addie’s been dead for ten days. Addie looks at the doctor and at “the boy” (Vardaman), but it is only her eyes that move.

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How long has Addie been dead when Darl and Jewel return?

The final justification for Darl’s act is rather ironic and is represented by the repeated refrain in this section of the strong smell of the body. We must remember that Addie has now been dead for over eight days: the stench must be overwhelming.

How does Addie feel about Darl?

Only through violence, and not through words, can Addie feel that she is living. But then, as she came to this conclusion, she discovered that she had Darl. Thus Addie felt that somehow she had been tricked by Anse’s words, and because she had been tricked, she could never accept Darl.

Where are the Bundrens going?

As the novel begins, Addie Bundren lays dying in her bedroom while her son Cash builds her coffin. Addie’s ineffectual husband, Anse, is arranging to have her buried in Jefferson, a town forty miles away, because Addie has requested this last wish.

Why did they put Addie in the coffin backwards?

The family has laid Addie into the coffin backward to accommodate the flared bottom of her wedding dress, with her feet in place at the head end, and there is a mosquito net over her face to mask the drilled holes.

What does Addie tell Cora that jewel will save her from?

It is from Cora, the religious fanatic, that we hear Addie’s statement that Jewel will be her salvation, that he will save her from the water and from the fire. Her statement carries with it a religious tone, and the prophecy is later fulfilled.

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How many sections does Addie have in As I Lay Dying?

Throughout the novel, he builds an attachment to his tools and proves to be heroic, but to a fault. Darl Bundren – The second eldest of Addie’s children, Darl is about two years younger than Cash. Darl is the most articulate character in the book; he narrates 19 of the 59 chapters.

Did Addie get buried in Jefferson?

Consequently, feeling that she would attain reality only when she imposed herself upon the consciousness of others, she made them promise to carry her to Jefferson, forty miles away, to bury her. … For all Addie’s efforts to force an awareness of herself upon the consciousness of her family, she partly fails.

Who is cash in As I Lay Dying?

Cash is the oldest son. He is the one whom Addie refers to when she says that she robbed Anse of one son. Cash was born at a time when his mother had just discovered that words are meaningless and that only through acts can people achieve an awareness of life.

What is Dewey Dells secret?

Dewey Dell goes to the pharmacy and asks the druggist Moseley to give her something to abort her pregnancy for ten bucks. Dewey Dell leaves Moseley’s without any medicine. She tells Vardaman to keep the burning barn events a secret. She calls for Jewel when he runs to the coffin by the fire.

Why does Cash bevel the coffin?

9. The animal magnetism of a dead body makes the stress come slanting, so the seams and joints of a coffin are made on the bevel. In Cash’s subsequent chapters his thoughts are only on the balance of the coffin. The driving reason for making the coffin is to gain acceptance from his mother.

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Why does Cora fear for Addie?

Cora remembers a conversation that she had with Addie Bundren about religion in which she criticized Addie for the way she approaches God and judgment. In these lines, Cora reveals Addie’s individual approach to religion, infuriating Cora as Addie seems more driven by her love for Jewel than her love for God.