Where does a 60cm necklace sit?

A 50 cm necklace will fall below the collarbone. A necklace this length is perfect for a low, plunging neckline or if you want to wear it over a turtleneck top. 53 cm necklaces sit at or above a low neckline. A 60 cm necklace falls below any neckline, but above the bust line.

Where does the necklace length sit?

Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Necklace Length Position on the Body
18″ Necklace A common choice for women that sits elegantly on the collarbone.
20″ Necklace Will fall just below the collarbone.
22″ Necklace Falls at or just above the top of the bust

How many CM should a necklace be?

Standard (or princess) length necklaces (usually 45cm or 18″) are the most commonly worn length and will suit most situations. If you’re looking for a necklace or pendant to wear day to day, then this is likely to be your go-to length.

How far down should a necklace go?

20 to 24 inches: Placement – Between the collarbone and the bust. Worn best with – Great for both business and casual wear. 28 to 36 inches: Placement – On the bust or an inch or two below. Worn best with – High necklines and evening wear.

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Where does a 50cm necklace sit?

50cm (20 inch) chain or sometimes called Matinee length sits below the collarbone and can be worn over a sweater.

Where does a 16 inch necklace fall?

A 16″ necklace hits just above the collarbone and fits like a choker. This is the ideal length for petite frames and is one of the most common women’s necklace lengths.

What is the most popular necklace length?

18-inch, or princess, necklaces are the most popular necklace length. They can be worn with any neckline and outfit – transitioning effortlessly from a chic, everyday look to an elegant, evening ensemble.

Is GLD real or fake?

GLD is completely confident in our process and crafting pieces for you that appear as real as can be at significantly lower prices. In the end, we stand behind our labor with a lifetime guarantee. Gold plated jewelry is not fake – it’s real gold covering another material to save you money and risk.

How long is 60 cm in length?

Thus, 60 cm equals 23.62 inches.

What is the average necklace size for a woman?

What is the average women’s handmade necklace length? The most common women’s necklace chain length is 18 inches. This size fits the average sized woman.

How is a necklace measured?

To measure a necklace, unclasp the necklace and lay it out on a flat surface. Measure the necklace with a ruler or tape measure and take note of its length, rounding up to the nearest inch, if needed. Once you have measured the necklace, measure your own neck with a tape measure.

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What part of the necklace keeps it all together and intact?

The Clasp – This part of the necklace is what keeps it all together and in tact. The fastening piece can either be a clasp, spring ring, or hook and eye fastener that keeps the chain connected.

How should you layer chains?

How to Layer Necklaces Like a Pro

  1. Pick a centerpiece. Start with a main piece as the foundation of your layered look. …
  2. Choose complementing chains. While your chains don’t need to match, you should choose one theme. …
  3. Keep it simple. Mastering the layered look is easy when you stick to a few key pieces.