Where does the red gem go re2?

The red jewel is something you combine with a jewelry box that’s found in the observation room. Inside, you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S badge, which can be used in the S.T.A.R.S office to unlock the weapons cabinet in that room.

What do I do with the red jewel in Resident Evil 2 original?

In the original Resident Evil, there is a similar relief of a woman with a red jewel found in the Hidden Library. The jewel merely acts as a button to activate a light fixture in the room.

What do you do with the red gemstone in Resident Evil?

It’s beautifully cut and polished to a mirror-like surface. A perfectly cut gemstone shimmering a dark red. Use this in the small indentation in the Jewelry Box 2 to activate the puzzle to acquire the Broach.

Where is Jewel Box RE2?

How to open bejeweled box in RE2? Once you have the jewel, you can use it to open the bejeweled box. You’ll find it on the shelf in the Interrogation Room. Pick it up and combine it with the gem from your inventory.

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What is the Scepter for In Re 2?

You may be curious as to what the purpose of the Resident Evil 2 Remake Red Jewel Scepter is now. Having the Red Jewel Scepter will allow players to unlock the Bejeweled Box and collect the S.T.A.R.S. Badge later on in the game and their quest to stop all of the horrors that the newly released title offers.

Where is the Red Book in Resident Evil 2?

You’ll find the Red Book in the Library right next to the Spade Key door back to the Main Hall. After you unlock the Spade Key door in the Waiting Room and get to the Art Room, the Red Book gets combined with the Statue’s Left Arm and placed on the statue to get the Scepter.

How do you open the Jewellery box in Resident Evil?

To unlock the box, you must press the two buttons which resemble a heart shape. One is on the box’s front; the other is on the back. Inside, the Mask without eyes, nose, or mouth. is revealed.

How do I get to boiler room re2?

Grab the bullets on the red bench near the fiery crash, then head down the stairs to find the Boiler Room door. Approaching causes two zombies to shamble out, but once they’re dealt with, head inside to find the Club Key taped to the whiteboard.

What is in the jeweled box re2?

Pick up the Bejeweled Box on the shelf and then combine the Red Jewel with it in your inventory. Inside you’ll find the S.T.A.R.S. Badge which can open the Special Weapons Case in t]]he Underground Stairs with weapon upgrades inside for each character.

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Where is the Stars dongle?

weapon case located at the Underground Stairs (Lower). By examining the back side of it, the item will turn into the USB Dongle Key, which allows access to the Armory inside the S.T.A.R.S office.

How do you open the special weapon case in re2?

Players must to bring the S.T.A.R.S. Badge to the Special Weapons Case, retract the USB key by examining it in the inventory, and slot the badge into the case, at which point it will finally open.

Where is the last medallion in Resident Evil 2?

Through the door at the end of this corridor you’ll find the Unicorn Statue and Medallion. Maiden Medallion – The final statue and medallion you find is the Maiden. She’s up in the West Storage Room behind a blocked gate covered in C4.

What do you do with the big gear in re2?

The Large Gear is used to solve the Clock Tower puzzle and obtain the Power Panel Part 2.