Where is the diamond in the rough Ori?

Where is Diamond in the Rough located?

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Where is the diamond in ORI and the will of the wisps?

Use the Burrow ability under the shovel to find an Eerie Gem (picture3), and actually start the “A Diamond in the Rough” side quest. A marker now indicates an area east of the Windswept Wastes (picture4). Go to this area to find Tokk (picture5), who suggests you to show your gem to an expert.

How do I complete the diamond in the rough quest?

Diamond in the Rough is a daily commission in Genshin Impact. In order to complete it, you just have to pick one of three cor lapis stones from the vendor. You’ll place down a bet, and if the piece you picked contains jade, you win.

What is a diamond in the ruff?

English Language Learners Definition of diamond in the rough

: a person who has talent or other good qualities but who is not polite, educated, socially skilled, etc. : something that is in poor condition but that is likely to become valuable with appropriate care or attention.

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Where is the heart of the forest Ori?

The Heart of the Forest is the most fragile wisp among the five and protected inside the deepest floor of the Windtorn Ruins built by the Gorlek after the Decay.

Will of the wisps Where is the shovel?

Inside the Windswept Waste head to the area marked on the map above. Here you will find a sandy area with a shovel sticking out of it.

Who gets the Spyglass Ori?

Talk to the fishing Moki in Luma Pools. Give them the Mouldwood Silk and they’ll give you a Spyglass in return. Head back to The Wellspring Glades and give the Spyglass to Motay, the salamander on the west side of the Glades that tells you your stats. Motay will give you a Canteen in return.

Where is Kwolok’s altar?

Once you have the Amulet return to Kwolok’s Hollow and head into the room you first met Kwolok. Head to the right of his pool and you will find an Altar (pictured above).

Where can I find brilliant diamond sliver?

Brilliant Diamond Sliver – The protagonist’s Ascension Material jewel is dished out at the Adventurer’s Guild counter once you reach Adventure Rank 15. Speak to Katheryne and ask to claim your Adventure Rank Rewards. Along with some money and other items, you’ll receive the Brilliant Diamond Sliver.

How can you tell if a diamond is a rough Genshin?


  1. If there is a whole Cor Lapis inside (the complete spiral texture is visible), that is the jackpot ore.
  2. If there is nothing inside, or.
  3. If there is a part of Cor Lapis (the texture looks like it’s cut), that is not the jackpot.
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Where can I mine diamonds rs3?

Uncut diamonds can be obtained randomly while mining ores, dropped as loot from defeating monsters, rewarded as a prize from many Distractions and Diversions, and mined from gem rocks found throughout Gielinor at level 40 Mining.