Where is the necklace of Marie Antoinette?

Where is the Marie Antoinette diamond necklace?

The affair of the diamond necklace, 1784-1785 | Palace of Versailles.

What happened to the Marie Antoinette necklace?

The diamond necklace was commissioned by Louis XV of France for his mistress, Madame du Barry. At the death of the King, the necklace was unpaid for, which almost bankrupted the jewellers and then led to various unsuccessful schemes to secure a sale to Queen Marie Antoinette.

Where is the diamond necklace now?

The stone has been housed at the Smithsonian Museum since 1958. At one time, the French king, Louis XIV also owned the Hope Diamond, or the Bleu de France, as it was also known by.

Was the Marie Antoinette necklace stolen?

The diamond necklace was stolen in 1785 as part of a confidence trick involving Catholic cardinal Louis de Rohan and other figures. Those involved used the name of Marie Antoinette to facilitate the swindle.

How much is Marie Antoinette’s necklace worth?

Jewels like Marie-Antoinette’s 18th-century natural pearl and diamond pendant fetched a record-breaking price—it was sold for $36 million USD.

How much was Marie Antoinette’s necklace?

The estimate for Marie Antoinette’s jewels is $2 to $4 million, but no one will be surprised if they sell for more. The bracelets, which are set with 112 diamonds weighing a total of approximately 145 carats, were very expensive when the Queen of France bought them in the spring of 1776.

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Did any of Marie Antoinette’s jewelry survive?

Stashed away during the French Revolution, the diamond jewels have survived for more than two centuries— and now they can be yours. Marie Antoinette’s diamonds go up for auction at Christie’s Geneva in November. …

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