Which is better enchanted iron sword or diamond sword?

Diamond is more durable, efficient, and has higher enchantability than iron, meaning diamond tools and armor are more likely to get rarer enchantments like Silk Touch or Fortune.

Is iron sword stronger than diamond?

No, at worst it does an equal amount.

What is the best enchant sword?

Best Sword Enchantments Minecraft (2021)

  • Sweeping Edge. …
  • Fire Aspect. …
  • Smite. …
  • Knockback. …
  • Sharpness. The maximum level of sharpness is 5. …
  • Looting. You can maximize your looting to the 3rd level. …
  • Unbreaking. You can take your unbreaking to the 3rd level, and it is the maximum. …
  • Mending. The mending tool has a maximum of level 1.

What is better diamond sword or iron AXE?

Iron and stone axes are stronger than diamond swords in Java Edition.

What is better than a diamond sword?

A netherite sword deals +1 damage vs a diamond sword, and has a slightly higher durability. A netherite sword does 1+ more attack damage than a diamond sword AND also increases in durability.

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Are diamond tools better than iron?

Diamond is more durable, efficient, and has higher enchantability than iron, meaning diamond tools and armor are more likely to get rarer enchantments like Silk Touch or Fortune.

Is Sharp 2 iron better than diamond?

Iron sword does 3 hearts of damage. Diamond sword does 3.5 hearts of damage. Sharpness 1 effect adds anywhere between 0.5 and 1.5 of additional damage. So Sharpness 2 would then be between 1 and 3 damage.

What is the most op sword in Minecraft?

Enchanted swords are the most overpowered weapons that Minecraft has to offer. They are a must-have in any serious player’s first inventory slot when it comes to surviving in any Minecraft world.

What are the best boot enchantments?


  • Mending.
  • Protection IV or Projectile Protection IV or Blast Protection IV or Fire Protection IV.
  • Feather Falling IV.
  • Unbreaking III.
  • Depth Strider III or Frost Walker II (Depth Strider overall preferred, as it is used in more circumstances)
  • Soul Speed III (Optional. Consumes extra Durability)
  • Thorns III (Optional.

What are the best enchantments to put on a diamond sword?

Best Sword Enchantments

  • Sharpness – Significantly increases a sword’s damage.
  • Looting – Increasing the number of items that mobs drop upon death.
  • Unbreaking – Has a chance to not use any of the sword’s durability when attacking.

Is Netherite axe or sword better?

This will result in axes actually having a use, having slightly more DPS than swords. … It works better than a netherite axe! Sure, it has one less DPS, but that is very little less. It’s actually better in most scenarios because it’s higher speed allows it more knockback and makes it easier to use!

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What Minecraft weapon does the most damage?

Axes deal the most damage, but have a slower attack speed. ‌ Tridents can be used melee or ranged. They are a balanced weapon, but they cannot be crafted.

Is a gold sword better than diamond?

So, gold tools suck at durability right? But at least they’re a touch faster than diamond. Except for the sword that is. For whatever reason, the gold sword does no more damage than wood, but has just over half the durability.

What is better AXE or sword?

A sword has better balance and more agility than an axe. It’s a lot easier to parry and feint with a sword than an axe. The big exception is if you and your opponent are wearing armor. Most axes are going to fare better against an armored opponent than most swords.

What is the most powerful Netherite sword?

Attack Damage and Durability

Name Attack Damage Durability
Netherite Sword 8 2031
Diamond Sword 7 1561
Bow <varies> 384
Crossbow <varies> 326

Is trident better than Netherite sword?

If the trident doesn’t get a netherite form, fewer people would use it, since it would, as previously mentioned, be far weaker than the sword or the axe. … Like all netherite tools, a netherite trident would get +1 damage, 33% more durability, be more enchantable, & not be destroyed by fire or lava.