Which of the following statements about graphite and diamond are two?

Which of the following statement about graphite and diamond is?

Hence, the correct answer to the above question is (c) Graphite and diamond both have giant structures. So, the correct answer is “Option (C) Graphite and diamond both have giant structures.” Note: Always remember that both diamond and graphite are allotropic forms of carbon.

What do graphite and diamond have in common?

Diamond and graphite are both allotropes of carbon. This means they are both made up of carbon atoms arranged differently and exist in the same physical state. They both have a giant covalent structure. Diamond has a tetrahedral structure and is the hardest material known to man.

Which one of the following statements about diamond and graphite is not correct?

Graphite is a good conductor of electricity while diamond is not.

Do graphite and diamond have the same properties?

Originally Answered: Why diamond and graphite have different physical properties but same chemical properties? Since they are both made of carbon their chemical properties are the same. Most physical properties of a solid like hardness, melting point, conductivity of heat/electricity, etc.

Why do diamond and graphite have such different chemical and physical properties?

It’s because the carbon atoms are rearranged in a specific geometric shape that gives the diamond its properties. … Graphite however, is when the carbon atoms bond together in sheets – hexagonal-like lattice. Graphite is formed from the carbon atoms resulting from the metamorphism of minerals such as marble, quartz, etc.

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Which of the following statements is true for graphene?

The correct answer is It is a carbon-based nanostructure. Graphene is the name for an atom-thick honeycomb sheet of carbon atoms, tightly bound in a hexagonal honeycomb lattice.