Who plays Guy Diamond’s son in trolls World Tour?

Who plays baby Diamond Trolls World Tour?

Kenan Thompson voices Tiny Diamond in ‘Trolls World Tour’

In Trolls World Tour, Thompson plays Guy Diamond’s glittery silver mini troll, Tiny Diamond. Tiny is a Hip-Hop Troll with a smooth voice and killer dance moves.

Who is the little guy in trolls?

Tiny Blitzgerald Diamond is a supporting character in Trolls World Tour and Trolls: TrollsTopia, and the main character of the related short Tiny Diamond Goes Back To School. He is the son of Guy Diamond, and in relation to this a member of The Snack Pack.

Who plays Prince Cooper in Trolls World Tour?

Ron Funches – Cooper

With a long neck and four legs, Cooper is definitely one of the strangest member of the Trolls cast appearing for the sequel. Voiced by Ron Funches, who you might remember the television series Undateable.

Who plays Prince Darnell in Trolls World Tour?

Anderson Paak is the voice of Prince D in Trolls World Tour.

Is Guy diamond a girl?

Guy is an adult Troll of parental age, as a individual, he is a specimen that is one of the best-looking Glitter Trolls.

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Do male Trolls have babies?

Though child Trolls of each Tribe do have parents, normally both a male and female Troll, little details are given on the Troll reproduction process that leads to the creation of baby Trolls. This is mostly because of the fact the Trolls franchise itself is aimed at children.

Is smidge from trolls a boy or a girl?

Kevin Michael Richardson as Smidge, a small, inordinately strong female Troll with a masculine voice.

Who plays Queen Barb?

Rachel Bloom as Barb, the feisty and misguided Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls.

Who plays glitter in trolls?

The animated film features returning characters, including the glittery silver Pop Troll, Guy Diamond. If his voice sounds familiar, it’s because he’s portrayed by Big Bang Theory star, Kunal Nayyar.

Are poppy and Branch a couple?

Branch is Poppy’s boyfriend, and the male protagonist of the DreamWorks Trolls franchise.

Who plays Queen Barb’s dad in trolls?

One of those tribes is headed by the mischievous, Queen Barb. “A member of hard-rock royalty, Queen Barb (Rachel Bloom), aided by her father King Thrash (Ozzy Osbourne), wants to destroy all other kinds of music to let rock reign supreme,” the movie’s official synopsis reads.

Who does Poppy’s voice?

Anna Kendrick as Poppy, the sweet but naïve Princess of the Trolls. Justin Timberlake as Branch, an over-cautious but good-hearted survivalist Troll.

What happened to Queen barbs ear?

Barb is a muddy red-skinned Rock Troll with a bright red mohawk. Her left ear is missing the tip and she has a hoop earring in it; on her other ear are two earrings.

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Who plays tiny diamond?

Bridget (called “Idget” by Chef) is a former scullery maid, and the current queen of the Bergens and wife of Gristle Jr.. She made her first appearance in Trolls, and would later appear in other media during most of the franchise’s Trolls era, as well as making a cameo at the ending of Trolls World Tour.