Why can’t I use my promo diamonds in ML?

When can you use promo diamonds in ML?

Promo diamonds can be used as Discount while purchasing items. It valid from 11-15 November only!!

How do you buy diamonds in ML?

How to Buy Diamonds in ML Using Load

  1. Select the amount of diamonds you want to purchase.
  2. Select your preferred mobile network.
  3. Review your purchase and click on the “Buy Now” button when you’re ready.
  4. Enter your mobile number and verify your purchase with a 6-digit code you will receive via SMS.

What is BB coin?

BB Coins are currencies that ML Streamers can receive from their viewers’ gifts through their in-game livestreams.

How do you load diamonds into GCash ML?

Mobile Legends Globe

Buy Mobile Legends Diamonds using Globe load or GCash in seconds! Just enter your ML user ID, select the value of Diamonds you wish to purchase, complete the payment, and the Diamonds will be added immediately to your ML account.

How much is 1000 Diamonds in mobile legends?

1000 diamonds (get 155 bonus) – $19.99 (£19.99) 1500 diamonds (get 265 bonus) – $28.99 (£28.99) 2500 diamonds (get 475 bonus) – $48.99 (£48.99) 5000 diamonds (get 1000 bonus) – $99.99 (£99.99)

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How do you get free diamonds in mobile legends Code 2020?

Step by step guide to redeem codes in Mobile Legends

  1. Copy your Mobile Legends ID. …
  2. Visit the official Mobile Legends code exchange page. …
  3. Send the verification code. …
  4. Copy the verification code and paste it on the ML code redemption page. …
  5. Click redeem and get the reward on you game inbox.

How can I get free skin in ML?

How to Get Free Skins in Mobile Legends

  1. ML Skin Fragments. …
  2. Season Ranked Rewards. …
  3. Daily Login Rewards. …
  4. Login rewards contain skin trial cards and skin fragments. …
  5. Participating in events is a good way to acquire a lot of free skins. …
  6. Watching streamers or live events from Moonton will also reward players with free skins.

Is Kaleoz com legit?

Safe & Secure

No scam. No need others to vouch. No fraud and chargebacks. KALEOZ makes sure buyers gets the items purchased and seller gets his payments.

Can I hack mobile legends?

Getting caught using hacks in Mobile Legends can result in your entire account being terminated, meaning any progress you’ve made is permanently deleted. … Another aspect of Mobile Legends hacks doesn’t have anything to do with playing in-game, and is focused purely on the security of your account.

Why is Codashop not working?

It could be because of: You didn’t enter the OTP code into the Codashop payment page in time (if using the Direct Carrier Billing payment method), or. The Codashop system did not receive your payment during the session time (if using Bank Transfer/E-Wallet/Convenience Store payment method).

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Can I transfer diamonds in mobile legends?

You can’t transfer diamonds from one user account to another. You can purchase or win from events or tournaments but you cannot transfer sparingly from your account to another. There is no option.

How do I stream ML?

How to Live Stream in Mobile Legends?

  1. To turn on a Live Stream in Mobile Legends, open Mobile Legends game app.
  2. Tap on ‘LIVE’ in the left below the Starlight section.
  3. In the Live Stream section below, Switch to “ON” to start Live Streaming in Mobile Legends.

How do you give coins to ML?

How to broadcast a Battle Point mobile legend

  1. Open the Mobile Legends game on your device. Baca Juga.
  2. Tap the two-person icon located under your friends list.
  3. You will then be redirected to the FB Friends tab.
  4. Then press the yellow arrow icon, then you have successfully sent Mobile Legends battle points to friends.