Why do Tiffany necklaces say please return to?

The iconic Tiffany key rings were inscribed with the message “Please Return to Tiffany & Co. New York” so that if separated the owner and key would be reunited at the fifth ave store.

Does all Tiffany jewelry Say Return to Tiffany?

Look at the links closely. The large linked sterling silver “Please Return to Tiffany & Co.” necklaces always feature soldered links. This means that there will be no visible break in the link. If you spot a break in the links you probably have a fake.

What is the meaning of Return to Tiffany?

Return to Tiffany®

New York” phrase. The key tags were assigned a unique registration number, ensuring that if the owner and their keys were separated, they would be reunited at the legendary Tiffany Fifth Avenue flagship store.

What happens when you return to Tiffany?

Articles are accepted for credit or exchange in the U.S. if returned in saleable condition within 30 days, accompanied by a sales receipt. Some exclusions may apply. Fragrance must be returned in its original packaging (including water seal stickers) and in salable condition.

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Do Tiffany necklaces hold their value?

Because of the ongoing, high demand for Tiffany jewelry, and because of the timeless design and high quality associated with Tiffany engagement rings and other jewelry, and ongoing marketing and advertising by Tiffany, Tiffany jewelry retains its value more than any other branded jewelry.

What does 925 mean on jewelry?

925 is the standard hallmark for sterling silver, and sterling silver is one of the most common places you’ll see it. The other way to read 925 is 92.5. It shows that the piece of sterling silver is 92.5 % pure silver and 7.5 % alloys. That is an acceptable quality of sterling silver.

What is the classic Tiffany necklace called?

Known by its legendary heart tag, our iconic Return to Tiffany® jewelry is inspired by a key ring from 1969. Each new design is a powerful symbol of our legacy, ready to be cherished for generations.

What is the most sought after jewelry?

What follows are the most expensive and rare jewelry pieces sold for.

  • The Hope Diamond — $250 million. …
  • Peacock Brooch — $100 million. …
  • Oppenheimer Blue – $57.5 million. …
  • L’Incomparable Diamond Necklace – $55 million. …
  • Blue Moon of Josephine – $48.4 million. …
  • The Hutton-Mdivani Jadeite Necklace – $27.4 million.

When did return to Tiffany come out?

1969. The Return to Tiffany™ key ring debuts. Each one sold was assigned a serial number and registered so that if lost, it could be returned to the Tiffany flagship store on Fifth Avenue and reunited with its owner. The iconic design goes on to inspire one of Tiffany’s best-selling collections worldwide.

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How much is the Tiffany yellow diamond worth?

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond is priceless

The Tiffany Yellow Diamond weighs in at a total of 128.54 carats. Given the Tiffany Diamond’s only-in-the-world status, it’s difficult to estimate just how much it’s worth. According to Harper’s Bazaar, the hefty diamond is worth approximately $30 million.

Does Tiffany’s have a lifetime warranty?

When you purchase an engagement ring, you become a valued member of the Tiffany family. We pride ourselves on providing continuous premium service, including care and repair, complimentary ring polishing and a full lifetime warranty.

Does Tiffany replace lost jewelry?

Depending on the set type, Tiffany & Co. can work to help replace missing half pairs of earrings or missing items in sets. Reach out to your local store for servicing assistance or contact Customer Service at 800 843 3269.

How long do Tiffany returns take?

Refunds will be issued to the original form of tender and will be processed within ten (10) working days of the return.

Does Tiffany buy back old jewelry?

Many people wonder if Tiffany’s will buy back their own jewelry. While Tiffany & Co. has excellent customer service, buying back diamond jewelry is not something they do unless it has been 30 days or less since the original sale. If you are looking to resell your Tiffany & Co.

Does Tiffany jewelry increase in value?

Tiffany Jewelry resale value is higher than average for many reasons pertaining to the reputation of the company and the quality with which they make their pieces.

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Who is Tiffany Co owned by?

In November 2019, LVMH announced its purchase of Tiffany & Co for $16.2 billion, $135 per share.