You asked: How do you get flawless gems in Diablo 3?

Flawless gems are the 4th rank of gems in Diablo 3 and Reaper of Souls. These gems are dropped by targets (monsters, chests, Treasure Goblins, etc) that are around level 31-36.

How do you get a flawless royal gem?

This rank of gem only exists in Reaper of Souls and can only be created by crafting 3 Royal gems. Total cost to make a Flawless Royal: 9.8m gold, 9 Death’s Breaths (81 Marquise gems).

How many imperial gems do you need for flawless royal?

Imperial to Flawless Imperial = 3 Imperial + 300,000 gold. Flawless Imperial to Royal = 3 Flawless Imperial + 1 Death’s Breath + 400,000 gold.

Can you convert flawless royal gems?

You then include a Gem Essence of the type you want to convert to. I would suggest not upgrading your gems too far prior to conversion, because it can be easy to only end up with for example 5 Flawless Royal gems of one type, and then not be able to Convert them (as it must be 9).

How do you make a Royal Diamond in Diablo 3?

This rank of gem only exists in Reaper of Souls and can only be created by crafting 3 Flawless Imperial gems. 3 Flawless Imperial gems (same type) + 400,000 gold + 1 Death’s Breath = 1 Royal gem.

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What is the highest gem in Diablo 3?

Gem Properties

  • Imperial increased from 800 to 3000.
  • Flawless Imperial increased from 900 to 6400.
  • Royal increased from 1000 to 8800.
  • Flawless Royal increased from 1100 to 11200.

How do I get royal amethyst?

Royal Amethyst is a consumable that can be sold to Master Ives for 5,000 Glimmer. It is given by Petra Venj upon completing step 18 of the quest House of Wolves and can also be obtained as a random reward for completing any Year 1 variant of Prison of Elders.

What is augmenting an ancient item?

Augmenting an ancient item will apply the main stat in addition to what the item being augmented already has. Keep in mind that the gems will be consumed on each augment, so you will need a new legendary gem and 3 flawless royal gems for each subsequent augment you do.

Where can I buy Gem Essence?

Gem Essence is a crafting material introduced in Patch 2.3. Each Essence costs 500,000 gold and is sold by Squirt the Peddler in the Act Two town.