You asked: What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace and why?

Though Annemarie is not herself Jewish, she has become involved in helping Ellen, which puts her in danger. By pulling the necklace off her friend she is taking matters into her own hands, literally and figuratively, and imprinting herself with her good work. Lise plays an important role in Ellen’s safety.

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace?

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace? She hid it in a safe place.

Why did Annemarie take off Ellen’s necklace?

The necklace is a symbol of the sisterhood and shared identity between Ellen and Annemarie. … Annemarie hides the necklace away, promising Ellen that she’ll keep it for her until it’s safe for Ellen to wear the necklace again.

Where does Annemarie say she hide Ellen’s necklace?

She hid it in the trunk that held her late sister’s belongings. It was wrapped in a skirt that Lise had worn. Near the end of the story, Annemarie was able to return the necklace to her friend.

What did Annemarie do?

She was booked for possession of a firearm and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Singer Ann Marie was arrested last Wednesday in connection to a shooting that sent one man to the hospital. …

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What was on the necklace that Ellen was wearing?

In Number the Stars, Annemarie Johansen’s friend, Ellen Rosen, is Jewish and wears a Star of David, or a six-point star, on a necklace. When Ellen’s family is forced to try and hide from the Nazi soldiers, Ellen goes to spend the night at Annemarie’s house before she and her family can be smuggled out of the country.

Where did Ellen get her necklace?

Ellen Fraser’s pearl necklace was a wedding gift to Ellen Fraser from Marcus MacRannoch, a former suitor. Jamie tells Claire that his father, Brian, gave the pearls to him to offer to his future wife, though he didn’t say where they had come from.

What does Ellen’s necklace symbolize in number the stars?

The Star of David

In the novel, it represents the necessity for Ellen and all the Jews to hide their religion. Until the end of the war, Annemarie keeps the Star of David necklace that Ellen wears. The necklace symbolizes Annemarie’s devotion to her friend and her stance against the Germans.

What did Annemarie learn about Lise?

What did Annemarie learn about Lise? Lise was a member of the Resistance, and she had been killed by a military transport that ran her down while she was leaving a Resistance meeting.