You asked: Where can you find gems in Sims 3?

Gemstones are found in the rough, around neighborhoods and on adventures.

How do you get gems on Sims?

How to collect all Crystals. Sims can find Crystals by digging up rocks that you can find scattered all around each neighborhood. Rocks can also contain metals or other objects. When you find a crystal, it will appear in your Sims inventory.

Where is the pink diamond in Sunset Valley?

Note that the Pink Diamond spawner near #8 is actually in between 8 and 11 in the valley.

Where do you find tiberium in Sims 3?

You can find it by breaking Moon Rocks on the Martial Arts Board Breaker, this will let you get them easily. Although you can also buy them from the Relic Merchant in Egypt. After a day it will grow from the mere $89 piece of rock to a “Large Spire Cut Tiberium” that is worth $30,000!

Where do you find bugs in Sims 3?

Bug hunting

To have a Sim catch bugs, the player has to click on outdoor terrain and select the “Hunt Bugs” interaction. Sims will continue this action indefinitely but will not always catch anything. Once a Sim catches a bug it will be placed in their collection box, which can be found in their inventory.

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Where can I find Ruby in Sims 3?

Ruby Muddler is a pre-made townie who lives in Bridgeport in The Sims 3: Late Night.

How do you grow a flame fruit Bush in Sims 3?

These special plants require level 7 gardening to grow.

Finding Flame Fruit

  1. Search our site for special seed locations in each town. …
  2. In most towns, you can find special seeds around the graveyard. …
  3. Harvestable Flame Fruit can be found in Sunset Valley in 3 households’ lot: Koffi, Langerak, and Wainwright.

What do I do with space rocks in Sims 3?

If The Sims 3: Seasons is installed, Aliens can transmute space rocks to get brain power. The bigger the space rock the bigger the amount of brain power the alien gets. Aliens can also summon them which will almost empty their brain power.

How do you cut a skull in Sims 3?

When you have placed the 8 gems on the display case, click on it. It will bring up a menu: Click on activate for Irreversible Transfiguration. The display case will make the gems disappear and jump and blue lightning will appear on the display case, after which a skull cut gem will appear.

How do you get hidden springs on Sims 3?

Go to the Hidden Springs world page on The Sims 3 Store: (The “S” must be capitalized) Select the Redeem Code button and enter the serial key that came with the product. Upon success, go to the Purchase History. The link to download the world will be available.

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